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Environmental Geotechnics

Host Member Society: Australia

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GeoWorld GroupEnvironmental Geotechnics (TC215)


TC Report (Last Edition 2006): Environmental Geotechnics


Future Events:

TC215 Symposium: Third International Symposium on "Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics: from theoretical and experimental research to practical applications" (CPEG 2020). The symposium will be taking place on 20-21 October 2021, online via the Zoom platform. Registration is now open and it's FREE. The last day for registration is Friday 15 October 2021. Visit the symposium website to register:

9th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics: 25-28 June 2023, Chania, Greece. Sign up at to receive updates about 9th ICEG.


Past Events:

TC215 Special Session at 7th Asian-Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils (AP-UNSAT 2019): 23-25 August 2019 in Nagoya, Japan.

8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics: 28th October - 1st November 2018, Hangzhou, China.

TC215 Symposium: Second International Symposium on "Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics: from theoretical and experimental research to practical applications" (CPEG 2): 6-7 September 2017, Leeds (UK).

7th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics: 9-14 November 2014, Melbourne, Australia.

TC215 Symposium: "Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics: from theoretical and experimental research to practical applications" (CPEG). 1-3 July 2013, Torino (Italy).


TC 215 Honour Lecture - K. Rowe Lecture.

In 2012 the ISSMGE and TC215 established the "R. Kerry Rowe Lecture" in recognition of Professor Rowe impact in the field of Environmental Geotechnics and excellence in scholarly achievements. The lecture is to be given at the opening plenary session of the International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics (ICEG) and the International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE) held every 4 years. It is also published in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal.

1st K. Rowe Lecturer: Prof. Charles D. Shackelford, who delivered his lecture on "The Role of Diffusion in Environmental Geotechnics" at the 18th ICSMGE that was held in Paris, France, September 2013 (paper), and at the 7th ICEG that was held in Melbourne, Australia, November 2014.

2nd K. Rowe Lecturer: Prof. Mario Manassero, who delivered his lecture "On the Fabric and State Parameters of Active Clays for Contaminant Control" at the 19th ICSMGE that was held in Seoul, Korea, September 2017 (paper) and at the 8th ICEG that was held in Hangzhou, China, 28th October - 1st November 2018.

3rd K. Rowe Lecturer: Prof. Abdelmalek Bouazza, who will deliver his lecture at the 20th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering to be held in Sydney, Australia, in 2022 and at the 9th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics to be held in Chania, Greece, in 2023.


XV ECSMGE, Athens 2011, Geoenvironmental Session Presentations: 

Meeting Documentation

29 October 2019, during 8ICEG in Hangzhou, China:

- Presentation by TC Chair M. Bouazza

- Presentation of 9th ICEG (Chania, Greece) by D. Zekkos

- Presentation of CPEG (Kyoto, Japan) by T. Katsumi 

3rd International Symposium on Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics (CPEG2020) coming up on October 20-21. Register for free until October 15 2021

The 3rd International Symposium on Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics (CPEG2020), organized by the Japanese Geotechnical Society and the Kyoto University with the support of TC215 Environmental Geotechnics Technical Committee of the International Society for

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Call for Abstract for the 8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics is out

Call for abstract for the 8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics which will take place in Hangzhou, China in 2018 ( is out.

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TC 215 will provide a forum for active participation by its members with the view of advancing the state of knowledge in the field of Environmental Geotechnics. It will promote the dissemination of knowledge, research findings and practice in the area of geoenvironmental engineering through close collaboration with ISSMGE TC committees and sister societies TCs. Organize the 8th International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics at Hangzhou, China in 2018; promote special sessions and joint sessions with other TCs (ISSMGE and sister societies) at regional forums, conferences; organize specialty symposiums and workshops; organize the 1st International Conference on Environmental Geotechnics for Young Engineers (ICEG-YE) (tentatively scheduled for 2018 in lead up to 8th ICEG 2018). Update website (, organize special issues on selected themes for publication in scientific journals. Interact with sister societies to promote new initiatives.



Update of report entitled Geotechnical Aspect of Environmental Engineering published on-line in 2006 (can be downloaded from Encourage its use by academia and practitioners once its update is completed.

Assist with technical programs of international and regional conferences organized by the ISSMGE and sister societies. Promote the presentation of the findings of the TC in main sessions and discussion sessions, and the honour lecture (the R.Kerry Rowe Lecture) at these conferences including the quadrennial International TC215 conference and ISSMGE Conference.

Establish co-operation and exchange of knowledge with national and international public institutions and government agencies to help provide a safe protection of the environment. Promote and recommend TC 215 members best practice published papers and reports to the industry. Improve the relationship with industry through joint seminars/workshops. Use the TC 215 website as the vehicle of delivery of the information needed by the industry.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Malek Bouazza Australia
2 Vice Chair Kerry Rowe Canada
3 Secretary Andrea Dominijanni Italy
4 Nominated by TC Chair Edward Kavazanjian United States
5 Nominated by TC Chair Mario Manassero Italy
6 Nominated by TC Chair Kerry Rowe Canada
7 Nominated by TC Chair Charles Shackelford United States
8 Nominated Member Eugeniusz Koda Poland
9 Nominated Member Yeliz Yukselen Turkey
10 Nominated Member Hideo Komine Japan
11 Nominated Member V.G. OFRIKHTER Russia
12 Nominated Member John Cowland Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
13 Nominated Member Ali Pak Iran
14 Corresponding Member Giancarlo Flores Japan
15 Corresponding Member Roger Clark United Kingdom
16 Nominated Member Stephan Jefferis United Kingdom
17 Nominated Member Douglas I Stewart United Kingdom
18 Corresponding Member Eugene Gallagher United Kingdom
19 Corresponding Member Stefania Bilardi Italy
20 Corresponding Member Roberto Vassallo Italy
21 Nominated Member Ishtiaque Anwar Singapore
22 Corresponding Member Aykut senol Turkey
23 Nominated Member Han-Yong Jeon South Korea
24 Corresponding Member Shi-Jin Feng China
25 Corresponding Member Hongxin Chen China
26 Nominated Member Kazem Badv Iran
27 Corresponding Member Celeste Jorge Portugal
28 Nominated Member MARCO MONTORO Argentina
29 Nominated Member Dimitrios Zekkos United States
30 Nominated Member Abbas El-Zein Australia
31 Corresponding Member Craig Benson United States
32 Nominated Member Dimitrios Coumoulos Greece
33 Nominated Member Marina Pantazidou Greece
34 Nominated Member António Roque Portugal
35 Corresponding Member Yanjun Du China
36 Nominated Member Lurdes Lopes Portugal
37 Corresponding Member D.N. Arnepalli India
38 Nominated Member Gemmina Di Emidio Belgium
39 Nominated Member Marc Van Den Broeck Belgium
40 Nominated Member Ernest Olinic Romania
41 Nominated Member Manoj Datta India
42 Nominated Member D.N. Singh India
43 Nominated Member Loretta Batali Romania
44 Corresponding Member PAULO HEMSI Brazil
45 Nominated Member Catherine Mulligan Canada
46 Nominated Member Craig Lake Canada
47 Nominated Member Jean-Pierre GOURC France
48 Corresponding Member Altuğ Saygili Turkey
49 Nominated Member Evelina Fratalocchi Italy
50 Nominated Member Nicola Moraci Italy
51 Nominated Member SERGIO ANIBAL REYES Argentina
52 Nominated Member Antônio Thomé Brazil
53 Nominated Member Maria Eugenia Boscov Brazil
54 Corresponding Member Fernando Pardo Spain
55 Corresponding Member Herminia Cano Spain
56 Nominated Member Krishna Reddy United States
57 Nominated Member Yunmin Chen China
58 Nominated Member Liming Hu China
59 Nominated Member Ignacio González Tejada Spain
60 Nominated Member Moulay ZEHROUNI France
61 Nominated Member Takeshi Katsumi Japan

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