TC213 Scour and Erosion

Scour and Erosion

Exchange information on scour and erosion processes from the geotechnical point of view Improve the mutual understanding of geotechnical and hydraulic approaches to scour and erosion

Provide relevant information on the web to the geotechnical and hydraulic community

Organize biennial international conferences on scour and erosion Promote the improvement of calculation methods of scour and erosion processes

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Shinji Sassa Japan
2 Vice Chair Cathy Avila United States
3 Nominated by TC Chair Richard Whitehouse United Kingdom
4 Corresponding Member Maria Clorinda Mandaglio Italy
5 Nominated Member Francesco Federico Italy
6 Corresponding Member Nicola Moraci Italy
7 Corresponding Member Katja Werth Germany
8 Nominated Member Alexander Scheuermann Germany
9 Nominated Member Jimmy Thomas India
10 Nominated Member Nadia BENAHMED France
11 Nominated Member Bruce Melville New Zealand
12 Corresponding Member Mahdi Miri Disfani Australia
13 Nominated Member Steven Pells Australia
14 Corresponding Member Amir Mehdizadeh Australia
15 Nominated Member Ha Bui Australia
16 Nominated Member Young Sang Kim South Korea
17 Nominated Member Shinji Sassa Japan
18 Nominated Member Daniele Cazzuffi Italy
19 Nominated Member Gijs Hoffmans Netherlands
20 Nominated Member Hideo Sekiguchi Japan
21 Nominated Member Dongsheng Chang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
22 Nominated Member Steven Williamson Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
23 Nominated Member Oliver Stelzer Germany
24 Nominated Member Fernando Delgado Spain
25 Nominated Member Enrique Asanza Spain
26 Nominated Member Mario Ruel Canada
27 Nominated Member Christophe CHEVALIER France
28 Nominated Member C.N.V. Satyanarayana Reddy India
29 Nominated Member Cláudio Mahler Brazil
30 Nominated Member ALEXANDRE GUSMÃO Brazil
31 Nominated Member David Muir Wood United Kingdom
32 Nominated Member Catherine O'Sullivan United Kingdom
33 Corresponding Member Scott Draper Australia

Host Member Society: Germany
GeoWorld GroupScour and Erosion (TC213)
Short name: Scour and Erosion  (TC213)

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