TC208 Slope Stability

Slope Stability in Engineering Practice

To develop and disseminate knowledge and practice within the ISSMGE slope stability community

  1. Task Force 1a: ISSMGE virtual University – To identify, pursue, and aid leading academics and practioners in the generation of high quality webinar content for the TC208 subject area under the ISSMGE virtual University initiative
  2. Task Force 1b: Special Issues – To encourage the dissemination of the state of the art through hosting special Issues within scholarly journals (e.g. 2019 IJPMG special issue on physical modelling of landslides)
  3. Task Force 1c: Honor Lecture – To explore the possibility of the creation of a TC208 honor lecture

To establish guidelines and technical recommendations for slope stability practice

  1. Task Force 2a: Technical guidelines – To work with landslide committees within member societies and other affiliated bodies to create a library of national landslide guidelines within the ISSMGE library
  2. Task Force 2b: Technical recommendations for the selection of shear strength parameters for slope stability analyses – To create recommendations, based on soil mechanics theory, for use in slope stability analyses
  3. Task Force 2c --> 2n. Opportunity for other technical recommendations to be championed by members of the TC

To assist with technical programs of international and regional conferences organised by the ISSMGE

  1. Task Force 3a Conferences. To assist the ICSMGE / ECSMGE  organising committees in the peer review for manuscripts submitted under the slope stability topic.
  2. Task Force 3b: Workshops. To develop a plan for TC208 activities at ICSMGE & regional ISSMGE (e.g. ECSMGE) conferences

To assist with industry and overlapping organisations within the international slope stability community

  1. Task Force 4a: To work in cooperation with JTC1 and offer help in the organisation of the International Symposium on Landslides, JTC1 workshops, and other initiatives. To identify other organisations with overlapping interests in slope stability or education to promote the work of the TC

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Andy Take Canada
2 Vice Chair Federica Cotecchia Italy
3 Secretary Elisabeth Bowman United Kingdom
4 Nominated by TC Chair Clarence Choi Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
5 Nominated Member Tuan Nghia Do Vietnam
6 Nominated Member Federica Cotecchia Italy
7 Corresponding Member Corey Froese Canada
8 Corresponding Member Jonathan Fannin Canada
9 Nominated Member Arindam Dey India
10 Nominated Member Guiseppe Buscarnera United States
11 Corresponding Member Lorella Montrasio Italy
12 Nominated Member Paolo Tommasi Italy
13 Nominated Member Amin Askarinejad Netherlands
14 Nominated Member Chan-Young Yune South Korea
15 Nominated Member Ian Nettleton United Kingdom
16 Nominated Member Stefano Utili United Kingdom
17 Corresponding Member Simonetta Cola Italy
18 Nominated Member B. Manna India
19 Corresponding Member Uday Kala India
20 Nominated Member Duc Manh Nguyen Vietnam
21 Nominated Member Jean-Sébastien L'Heureux Norway
22 Nominated Member Dino Sarac Australia
23 Nominated Member Meysam Safavian Australia
24 Corresponding Member Ali Karrech Australia
25 Corresponding Member Allan Herse Australia
26 Corresponding Member Ivan Gratchev Australia
27 Corresponding Member Ero Vinicius Silva Spain
28 Nominated Member JOSÉ LUIS PASTOR NAVARRO Spain
29 Nominated Member Sergio Castro Peru
30 Nominated Member Miguel Angel Cabrera Colombia
31 Nominated Member Esida Xhemalaj Albania
32 Nominated Member Felipe Gobbi Brazil
33 Nominated Member MARCOS FUTAI Brazil
34 Nominated Member Farrokh Nadim Norway
35 Nominated Member Ross Roberts New Zealand
36 Nominated Member Manuel Pastor Spain
37 Nominated Member Celeste Jorge Portugal
38 Nominated Member Dominic Lo Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
39 Nominated Member Vernon Schaefer United States
40 Nominated Member Lin Meei-Ling Chinese Taipei
41 Corresponding Member Lanmin Wang China
42 Nominated Member Wenjie Xu China
43 Nominated Member Muhsin Rahhal Lebanon
44 Nominated Member Kazunari Sako Japan
45 Nominated Member Piotr Srokosz Poland
46 Nominated Member V.G. FEDOROVSKY Russia
47 Nominated Member Karin Lundström Sweden
48 Nominated Member GONZALO MARTIN AIASSA Argentina
49 Nominated Member George Belokas Greece
50 Nominated Member Michael Bardanis Greece
51 Corresponding Member Baris Trak Turkey
52 Nominated Member Omer Faruk usluogullari Turkey
53 Nominated Member Kubilay Kelesoglu Turkey
54 Nominated Member Imam Aschuri Indonesia
55 Nominated Member Denis Demers Canada
56 Nominated Member Philippe Welter Belgium
57 Nominated Member Robert Charlier Belgium
58 Nominated Member Mohammad Hasan Baziar Iran
59 Nominated Member Noriyuki Yasufuku Japan

TC208 Workshop at ECSMGE 2019

TC208 Workshop on global grand challenges for engineered slopes at ECSMGE 2019

A pre-conference workshop for TC208 will be held at the European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Reykjavik on 1st September 2019 from 1-4pm. We invite TC208 members and ot

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Host Member Society: Canada

Short name: Slope Stability (TC208)

GeoWorld GroupStability of Natural Slopes (TC208)

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