Recorded Webinars

Title Presenter Date
ISSMGE's innovation activities and unique resources for geotechnical engineers Prof. Dimitrios Zekkos, Chair of Innovation and Development Committee (IDC), Prof. At UC Berkeley 28-03-2022 More Info
Machine Learning in Geotechnical Engineering Prof. Pijush Samui 19-08-2020 More Info
Prior Knowledge, Learning and Common Instructional Practices Grounded in Evidence Prof. Susan A. Ambrose 23-06-2020 More Info
Forks in the Road: Rethinking Modeling Decisions that Defined Teaching and Practice of Geotechnical Engineering Prof. Rodrigo Salgado 23-06-2020 More Info
2nd John Burland Lecture: Reflections on Some Contemporary Aspects of Geotechnical Engineering Education - From Critical State to Virtual Immersion Prof. Mark Jaksa 23-06-2020 More Info
Geosynthetics-Reinforced Soil Structures - Developments from Walls to Bridges- Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka 10-06-2020 More Info
The Classification of Landslides in Soils in a Mechanical Perspective Prof. Luciano Picarelli 03-06-2020 More Info
Landslide Runout Analysis Current Practice and Challenges Dr. Scott McDougall 10-12-2019 More Info
Land Reclamation and Related Soil Improvement Methods Prof. Jian CHU 05-11-2019 More Info
Aperçu des défis de la géotechnique offshore (in French) Dr. Philippe Jeanjean 18-06-2019 More Info