Recorded Webinars

Title Presenter Date
Des tranchées couvertes aux tunnels urbains: l'apport des retours d'expérience organisés (in French) Prof. Richard Kastner 13-06-2018 More Info
The Increasing Role of Seismic Measurements in Geotechnical Engineering.  Prof. Keneth H. Stokoe 18-10-2017 More Info
Thermal Issues in Clays and Claystones. Application to Radioactive Waste Disposal.  Prof. Pierre Delage 16-08-2017 More Info
Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls: Overview, Failures and Items for Approval  Prof. Robert M. Koerner 13-06-2017 More Info
Comportement axial des pieux sous conditions extrêmes (in French) Prof. Alain Holeyman 09-06-2017 More Info
Compressibility and Consolidation of Clays: From Lab to Field Conditions  Prof. Serge Leroueil 11-04-2017 More Info
An Introduction to Numerical Modelling in Geotechnical Engineering  Prof. Helmut F. Schweiger 15-02-2017 More Info
Challenges in Shoring Deep Excavations in Urban Areas Dr. Marc Ballouz 13-12-2016 More Info
Basic Geotechnical Engineering Skills - What Can Graduates Do? Prof. John Atkinson 20-10-2016 More Info
Combined Loading of Offshore Foundations  Prof. Mark Cassidy 16-08-2016 More Info