ISSMGE Courses in Geotechnical Engineering

The President, Professor Charles Ng, announced his plan on Education, Innovation and Diversity in September 2017 at the ICSMGE in Seoul. The plan was also published in the October 2017 issue of the Bulletin. The proposed “ISSMGE virtual university” has begun to take shape. It is the intention for the virtual university to provide free online structured postgraduate courses for anyone to use. There is no assessment and no credit will be given. ISSMGE will not be held responsible for the use of any of the course materials.

Existing ISSMGE webinars have been reviewed and categorised into themed series of webinars or postgraduate courses as indicated below. Each series comprises three to four webinars giving students and engineers up to five hours of viewing. Other potential courses have been identified but require some additional material to achieve a minimum of five hours of viewing. Comments or suggestions should be sent to Professor Mounir Bouassida

Course Title
Risk-Mitigation, monitoring & Observational methods More Info
In situ testing More Info
Earthquake Engineering More Info
Foundations More Info
Soil Characterisation More Info
Geo-Engineering Education More Info
Unsaturated Soil Mechanics More Info