Speaker Title Summary Duration
F Rausche (USA) Pile driving analysis A summary on modern pile types and hammer systems is presented. Then, it is explained how the wave equation approach can be used for pile driving cost estimation and job preparation. This is followed by an introduction to and examples of the dynamic pile monitoring and load testing technology. 83 min Click to view
H Poulos (Australia) Meeting the Challenges of Foundation Design for Tall Buildings For tall buildings, several challenges of foundation design are faced: geotechnical survey, wind effect, dynamic forces, etc. The design process for high-rise buildings foundations is developed using the limit-state design concept. Three case histories are exposed to show up how the challenges are met when addressing the design of foundations for tall buildings. 88 min Click to view
L Laloui (Switzerland) Multiphysical Processes and Design of Thermo-Active Foundations Thermo-active foundations is considered an innovative environmental technology based on the use of ground heat for buildings. Focus is made on the soil-interface behaviour induced by temperature changes for studying the overall behaviour of thermos-active piles. Numerical modelling and related applications are developed to highlight the effectiveness of thermos-active foundations. 76 min Click to view
MJ Cassidy (Australia) Combined loading of offshore foundations Plasticity approach is carried out on combined loading which one of the current soil mechanics problems. In this framework, several geotechnical applications are analysed and solved: circular footings on sand, “spudcan” footings on clay, capacity of mobile “jack-up” platforms, etc. 81 min Click to view