4th InternationalConference on Geotechnical Engineering - Hammamet 09 - 11 March 2020

4th InternationalConference on Geotechnical Engineering - Hammamet 09 - 11 March 2020


The Research Laboratory in Geotechnical Engineering and Georisk (RLGEG) organizes the 4th edition of the series “International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering (ICGE) labelled “Innovative Geotechnical Engineering". This conference ICGE’20 will be held at “Le ROYAL HOTEL” on 09th – 11th March 2020 at Hammamet, Tunisia.

Very successful previous ICGE editions held in 2008, 2010 and 2013 had been attended by participants from more than 20 countries spread over the six continents.

Papers in those proceedings were accepted after peer review by selected members of the scientific committees. Each proceeding included more than 50 papers from which several papers, in revised form, were published in specialized international journals.

ICGE’20 organized, under the auspices of Tunis El Manar University and the National Engineering School of Tunis, is supported by the Tunisian Society of Soil Mechanics, the Tunisian Society of Rock Mechanics and the Tunisian Society of Geomatics.

ICGE’20 will be preceded, on March 08th 2020, by the bi-annual meeting of board members of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). ISSMGE board members and experts will contribute in ICGE’20 by keynote talks and invited papers.

During the ICGE’20, dedicated to academicians and engineers, oral presentations will be scheduled on the following specialties: Geotechnical engineering, Rock Mechanics and Geomatics focusing on environmental aspects. Expected themes are:

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Soil characterization
  • Soil Behavior
  • Ground Improvement
  • Foundations
  • Urban excavations
  • Underground constructions
  • Slope stability and landslides
  • Unsaturated soils and hydraulic works

Rock Mechanics

  • Characterization of intact rocks and rock masses
  • Computational methods for rock mechanics big data
  • Constitutive models in prediction of rock behavior
  • Dynamic phenomena in rock mechanics
  • Fracture and damage of rocks
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Petroleum reservoir and well geomechanics
  • Rock heterogeneity and multiscale approaches
  • Rock slope supporting structures
  • Rock tunneling
  • Seismic behaviors of rock masses

Geomatics and Environmental Engineering

  • Georisk: Modelling and Monitoring: Inundation, Forest, Landslides, seismotectonic, Dams, Bridges, Pollution, Erosion, Desertification, etc.
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Application for Land use
  • Climate change: process and impacts
  • Geo-Matching: highlight products of Acquisition, Concepts and Modelling (ACM)
  • GEODESIGN: Modelling and technologies
  • Architectural photogrammetry and applications to Cultural Heritage
  • Smart city and environment
  • Reactive-city: modelling and visualization of the city in movement
  • GIS and Augmented reality


Research Laboratory Geotechnical Engineering and Georisks

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