First Meeting of Corporate Associates Presidential Group

St. Petersburg State Transport University 
St. Petersburg, 2-3 July 2012 

The purpose of the meeting is to meet each other personally and to exchange ideas and proposals on further development of the CAPG work. 


Monday 2 July 
    Meeting of CAPG: 
        - Brief presentations of companies 
        - Discussion of CAPG work. 

Tuesday 3 July 
        - Meeting with Russian consultants and designers. We are going to invite a wide range of consulting organizations who can adapt their geotechnical projects according to different technologies. 

        - Tentative forum of practitioners and academicians. For discussion: what research is needed for geotechnical companies (consultants and contractors). 

The venue of the meeting is a historical Yusupov Palace of St. Petersburg State Transport University.

yusupov palace

All ISSMGE members are very welcome to the first CAPG meeting! 

Please contact Michael Lisyuk at