ISSMGE Announces the Open Access to all papers published in the International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation/Geotechnical Engineering published since 1936

The International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) is proud to announce that its online library has now archived ALL papers published in the International Conferences on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (ICSMFE, until 1997) and Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE, since 2001), its premier event that takes place every four years. Starting with the 1936 conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, visitors of the ISSMGE website can now search by title or author any paper from the ICSMGE series, and download it in pdf format.

In addition to the 18ICSMGE in Paris, France September 2013, 17ICSMGE in Alexandria, Egypt October 2009 and 16ICSMGE in Osaka, Japan September 2005  that were already part of the ISSMGE online library,  the following conferences have been added:

  • 15ICSMGE in Istanbul, Turkey August 2001
  • 14ICSMFE Hamburg, Germany 1997
  • 13ICSMFE New Delhi, India January 1994
  • 12ICSMFE Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1989
  • 11ICSMFE San Francisco, USA 1985
  • 10ICSMFE Stockholm, Sweden 1981
  • 9ICSMFE Tokyo, Japan 1977
  • 8ICSMFE Moscow, USSR 1973
  • 7ICSMFE Mexico City, Mexico 1969
  • 6ICSMFE Montreal, Canada 1965
  • 5ICSMFE Paris, France 1961
  • 4ICSMFE London, UK 1957
  • 3ICSMFE Zurich, Switzerland 1953
  • 2ICSMFE Rotterdam, The Netherlands 1948
  • ICSMFE Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA June 1936  

The generosity and support of the many publishers concerned is both appreciated and recognized. Of course, all the papers should be referenced to their original sources. Relevant bibliographic information is given on the webpage:

This major initiative of the ISSMGE is part of the implementation of its Open Access Policy that can be found here.

With the addition of these papers, the online library of the ISSMGE includes now nearly 10000 papers, all directly available to the visitors of the ISSMGE website.

On behalf of the ISSMGE,

Roger Frank, President

Dimitrios Zekkos, Chair of Innovation and Development Committee

September 2017