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  1. New TCs

These new TCs are actively seeking nominations for members from the Member Societies.  Please make sure that your Member Society representative is aware of your interest in joining either of these Committees.

System Performance of Geotechnical Structures (TC219 – System Performance)

The System Performance of the geotechnical structures calls for the geotechnical system to have enough robustness and redundancy to prevent from collapses or failures induced by the localized damage or weakness. The TC aims to disseminate and develop knowledge and practice on system performance design methodologies and theories in geotechnical engineering (

Field Monitoring in Geotechnics (TC220 – Field Monitoring)

Field Monitoring in Geomechanics ( deals with assessing the performance of engineering structures using instrumentation and other related information. The applications include dams and embankments, structures and foundations, transport infrastructure including tunnels and other underground openings,  open cut and underground mines, natural slopes, land reclamation, repositories for industrial or nuclear waste and offshore structures.

  1. Are We Overdesigning? – A Survey of International Practice

A joint initiative by the CAPG, the YMPG, TC205 - Safety and Serviceability, and TC304 - Risk. This survey is intended to assess the consistency of calculation models and design methods for a variety of geotechnical structures and, where possible, to compare the results with full-scale tests and reliability analyses. To participate in the survey please click here. Closing date: Fri 9th September 2019.

  1. IS-Cambridge 2020 - Preliminary Selection of Potential Bright Spark Lecturers

To promote young members of ISSMGE to play a major role in various international and regional conferences, the President of ISSMGE, Professor Charles Ng, created the Bright Spark Lecture Award for promising young geotechnical professionals/academics to have a chance to deliver a keynote lecture at a major ISSMGE sponsored conference.

Selection and approval procedure:

The local IS-Cambridge 2020 organising committee is responsible for the preliminary selection of potential Bright Spark lecturers, in collaboration with the Young Member Presidential Group (YMPG). The CVs of the preliminarily selected candidates (a maximum of shortlist of four) will be submitted to the President of ISSMGE for a final decision on the awardee.

Further information:

  1. News from Japanese Geotechnical Society - Invitation to submit to Soils and Foundations, Open Access Journal

Soils and Foundations (S&F) is your core geotechnical journal; it has been the official journal of the Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS) since 1960. The journal publishes a variety of original research papers, technical reports, technical notes, geo-disaster reports as well as state-of-the-art reports in the fields of soil and rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering, and environmental geotechnics. The 2018 Impact Factor for S&F was 1.673, and the 5-Year Impact Factor was 2.567 according to Clarivate Analytics Journal Citation Reports 2019.

S&F has been available online since the February 2012 issue in partnership with Elsevier. We are delighted to announce the flip of S&F to online-only, author-pays, gold open access journal offering authors a rapid way to publish peer-reviewed science from January 2020. All gold open access articles are free for everyone to read because the article publishing charge (APC) that authors, their institutions or funding bodies pay, covers all expenses needed to support the publication process. The APC fee of S&F is US$1,000 excluding tax and specific guidelines can be found on its Journal homepage. Gold open access may lead to an increase in the impact of an author’s research.

  1. ISSMGE Webinars and Virtual University

The ISSMGE is pleased to announce the delivery of the first course on Unsaturated Soils as part of the virtual university programme. This course, to be delivered by Prof Delwyn Fredlund on 15 May 2019 at 12:00 am (GMT), is composed of six lectures of total duration 260 minutes:

Chapter 1.Introduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
Chapter 2.State Variables and their Measurement
Chapter 3.The Soil-Water Characteristic Curve, SWCC
Chapter 4.Seepage through Unsaturated Soils
Chapter 5.Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils
Chapter 6.Volume Change & Deformation of Unsaturated Soils

An introduction to each lecture is available from

Click here for a full list of previously recorded ISSMGE webinars.  Past webinars with a common theme have been grouped together to create courses within the ISSMGE Virtual University and information about these can be found here

Please note that a couple of webinars in French have been added to the list on the website.

  1. Bulletin

The latest edition of the ISSMGE Bulletin (Volume 13, Issue 3, June 2019) is available from the website from:

  1. ISSMGE Foundation

The next deadline for receipt of applications for awards from the ISSMGE Foundation is the 1st November 2019. Click here for further information on the ISSMGE Foundation.

  1. Conferences

For a listing of all ISSMGE and ISSMGE supported conferences, and full information on all events, including deadlines, please go to the Events page at  Click here and follow the links to your favourite events.

The following are events that have been added since the previous Circular:

            ISSMGE Events

Science Centre of Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; Language: English, Dutch; Organiser: ISSMGE TC308, Kivi Geotechnics, CRUX Engineering BV, Cohere Consult, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven; Contact person: Jacco Haasnoot; Address: Mijnbouwstraat 112; Phone: +31648936558; Email: [email protected]; Website:

Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, Sri Lanka; Organiser: Sri Lankan Geotechnical Society; Contact person: Dr. JSM Fowze; Address: 415, Bauddhaloka Mawatha; Phone: +94-71-417-1239; Fax: +94-11-266-8956; Email: [email protected]; Website:;

International Convention Centre Sydney, Australia, Language: English; Organiser: The Australian Geomechanics Society, Contact person: ICMS Australasia, Address: Level 9, 234 George Street Sydney NSW 2000, Phone: +61 2 9254 5000, Fax: +61 2 9251 3552, Email: [email protected], Website: ; Email: [email protected]