Landslide adjoining a housing society in Mumbai, INDIA

Dear colleagues, 

On a rainy day on 2nd July 2018, a landslide happened adjoining a densely populated housing society in the heart of the Mumbai city.  Landslides and slope failures are very common in this area during the monsoon period. A deep excavation was made along the periphery of the housing society, and prima facie the retaining wall system was poorly designed, which failed and suspected to be cause of the landslide. Many cars parted near the periphery of the housing society were rolled down the slide and severely damaged. Residents of a wing of housing society near the affected area  were quickly evactuated due to fear of damage to the structure. A case was filed in the High Court against the developer of the housing society, which affected badly. IIT Bombay, a premier educational institution located in Mumbai, has been asked to investigate the case, and identify the causes of failure and suggesting remedial measures. 

I am sharing few photographs published in local news papers for your ready refernece. 

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Chairman, TC 302