Minutes of the Second ISSMGE TC210 Technical Committee Meeting

Date:   1 September 2019

Time:  15.30-16.30

Venue: Room Rima B, Harpa Conference and Concert Halls, Reykjavik, Iceland



Limin Zhang (Chair), cezhangl@ust.hk

Nicola Brusa, nic.brusa@gmail.com

Daniele Cazzuffi, daniele.cazzuffi@cesi.it

Giuseppe Lanzo, giuseppe.lanzo@uniroma1.it

Stefania Sica, stefsica@unisannio.it

Sólveig Kristín Sigurðardóttir, soks@verkis.is



1. The chair (Limin Zhang) welcomed the attendants.


2.Self-introductions (all)


3.The minutes of the last TC meeting in August 2018 were approved. All TC 210 meeting minutes can be found at https://issmge.org/committees/technical-committees/applications/embankment-dams


4.Report on ISSMGE TOC-TC meeting on 3 Sept. 2019

·The TOC Chair Peirre Delage introduced ISSMGE’s initiatives on education, innovation and diversity.

·The activities of all the technical committees were reviewed (See Appendix I).

·Policy on Bright Sparks Lecture (See Appendix II)

·ISSMGE publication policy


5.TC membership issues

·TOC Chair Peirre Delage’s comments

§To consider a limitation of the length of the TC delegate terms (no perpetual delegates)

§Recall on the possibility for TC officers to suggest MS to replace inactive members by active and motivated corresponding members

§Comments on the difficulty of constituting membership list for new TCs (no direct contact between member societies and TC officers, no CV of members sent to TC officers)

·So far there are no nominated TC members from Africa. Limin Zhang communicated this issue with Peirre Delage and E.M. Kana (ISSMGE V.P for Africa). Ahmed Chraibi (VP of ICOLD from Africa) and Dieudonné Bisso (Manager in Chief of the Memve'ele dam's project) will join TC210.


6.TC210 task forces & working groups

·Task Force “Performance of dams during extreme events” (Daniel Prandel)

·Volunteers are needed to propose or lead more task forces, such as ‘Conferences, workshops and short courses’, ‘Embankment dam literature and dam failure databases’, ‘Dam safety’, ‘Dam construction materials’, ‘Sustainability”, etc.  

7.Past committee activities

·TC210 co-sponsored (with TC309 and TC304) 2nd International Workshop on Machine Leaning and Big data in Geoscience. This conference was help in Shanghai on 28-30 July 2019. More than 150 delegates attended the conference. TC210 members Zuyu Chen gave a keynote lecture and Limin Zhang gave an invited lecture.

·TC210 Workshop on Embankment Dams was successfully held on 1 Sept. 2019 in Reykjavix, Iceland. Daniele Cazzuffi organised and chaired the Workshop.

·TC210 session “D4-5 Dams and Embankments” on 3 Sept. 2019 during the 17th ECSMGE. Chairs: Jan Laue and David Toll; 10 papers, 8 presented.


8.TC210 Honour Lecture

·TC210 shall launch our own Honour Named Lecture

·Following ISSMGE rules, please suggest at least three “Heroes” on embankment dams.

·Once the ISSMGE Board agrees on the nominees, the TC will vote to decide the named lecture.

·The TC named lecture will be candidate for future ISSMGE state-of-the-art lectures.


9.Ongoing committee activities

·TC210 First International Conference on Embankment Dams (ICED’2020): Dam Breach Modelling and Risk Disposal, 5-7 June 2020, Beijing, China

§The deadline for abstracts has been extended to 30 Sept. 2019. You are welcome to email your 200-word abstract to  iced2020@163.com

§Nominated TC members are welcome to suggest Keynote/invited lectures relevant to the theme of this conference. Write to the local organizing committee at iced2020@163.com

Short courses, training programs, guidelines: volunteers are needed.

·Collaboration with other TCs within ISSMGE and ICOLD

§ICOLD International Working Group on Overflowing and Overtopping Erosion (Coordinator: Jean-Pierre Tournier)

§Chin Kok Toh (TC 210 member) will work with MYCOLD Committee (Malaysia) and organize the First International Conference on Dam Safety Management and Engineering (ICDSME2019) - Resilient Dams for Safe Communities on 19 -21 November 2019 in Penang, Malaysia.

§Danielle Cazzuffi was leader of two ICOLD monographs.


10.Future conference activities

·20th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 12-17 Sept. 2021, International Convention Centre Sydney, Australia

§TC210 will host a Workshop

·International Symposium for Geotechnical Safety & Risk (ISGSR 2019), Dec 11-13 2019, Taipei (TC210 as co-organiser joining TC304)

·16th Asian Regional Conference (16ARC) on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Oct 14-18 2019, Taipei



There was no AOB. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.


Appendix I: Review of TC activities


Appendix II: Policy on Bright Sparks Lecture


Appendix III: Slides for TC210 Workshop on Embankment Dams