3rd International Symposium on Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics

3rd International Symposium on Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics

20-10-2021 to 22-10-2021
Kyoto, Japan

Thank you for your interest in CPEG2020, the Third International Symposium on Coupled Phenomena in Environmental Geotechnics, which will be held in Kyoto, Japan, on October 20-22, 2021.

CPEG is a quadrennial event organized under the auspices of the Technical Committee TC215 (Environmental Geotechnics) of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), with a focus on coupled processes (e.g., chemical-physical, bio-physical, multiphase flow, etc.) in environmental geotechnics. The first symposium of the series was held in Torino (Italy) in 2013, and the second one in Leeds (UK) in 2017. You can find further information at the symposium's website: https://cpeg2020.org

The deadline for abstract submissions is now closed. We thank to all participants who have submitted their works.

In order to upload an abstract proposal, the corresponding author needs to do so while logged in using his/her ISSMGE.org account (free). All coauthors will be either automatically linked to their ISSMGE.org accounts based on their email addresses, or new accounts will be automatically created for them (in the latter case, they will receive a notification email). All ISSMGE.org accounts are free of charge, and you can quickly create your own at https://www.issmge.org/register

For CPEG2020, the abstract length limit is of 1500 characters (approximately 300 words), and the submission due date is November 30.

Please, fill out the submission form, choose a theme for your abstract from the dropdown list, and "Oral" as presentation type. Conference sessions themes will be adjusted later on based on submissions. You can use as a reference, to choose yours, the examples listed at the conference website: https://cpeg2020.org/2019/09/30/symposium-themes-2/


Terms and conditions
By submitting an abstract you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. If accepted, at least one author will be available to present the paper.
  2. To create a vibrant environment, it is expected (though not compulsory) that every accepted paper is presented by a different registered author or co-author.
  3. Papers should only be submitted to CPEG2020 with the permission of all the named authors. Submission of a paper is taken as permission by all authors to publish.


In Review Process
Editorial Board
Takeshi Katsumi Lead Editor [email protected]
Giancarlo Flores Co-Editor [email protected]
Atsushi Takai Co-Editor [email protected]
Lincoln Gathuka Theme Editor (Coupled Processes, Keynote Papers, Other, Soil-Atmosphere Interaction, Surface Containment, Clean-up and Remediation, Waste Geotechnics, Energy Geotechnics, Bio-inspired/mediated Geotechnics, Reclamation) [email protected]