Young Members Technical Contacts

Young Members Technical Contacts

Young geotechnical engineers that have a first project in a specific geotechnical area or have to write a seminar paper about a new topic might have difficulties to start of. Contacting a professor or professional expert from that specific area directly is not always easy when starting out. The ISSMGE's Young Member Presidential Group (YMPG) has therefore developed a list of topic specific contact persons to support mentoring and to build-up a first contact for young geotechnical engineers. Feel free to e-mail anyone listed below related to their expertise. If they don't know the answer, they will help you find it!


General Topic First Contact Name Location First Contact Expertise Email
Earthworks Mohamed Elbyhagi Khartoum     MSE wall approaches & small earth dam 
Felix Jacobs Aachen MSE walls & bearing layers 
Lucy Wu Hong Kong Excavation design and construction. Large unbalanced forces in excavation design. Soil structure interaction 
Environmental Geotechnics Mohamed Elbyhagi Khartoum Residual soil slope subjected to rainfall infilitration 
Janaka Kumara Tokyo Rain-induced landslides 
Marcos Montoro Cordoba Contaminated site remediation - Waste Geotechnics
Foundation Engineering Janaka Kumara Tokyo Open-ended piles 
Jennifer Nicks Washington, DC Shallow foundations, Driven piles 
Lucy Wu Hong Kong Building pile design in general. Shaft grouting (enhanced frictional piles). 
Geosynthetics Felix Jacobs Aachen Reinforcement 
Marcos Montoro Cordoba 

Landfills composite liner and covers
Jennifer Nicks Washington, DC Retaining walls and foundations 
Ground Improvement Aleksandra Chepurnova Moscow Jet-grouting underpinning, reinforcement 
Janaka Kumara Tokyo Soft ground improvements 
Hydraulic Engineering Jennifer Nicks

Washington, DC

Laboratory Testing Janaka Kumara Tokyo  Image analysis on shape characteristics of granular materials 
Felix Jacobs Aachen Deformation measurement with Digital Image Correlation 
Jennifer Nicks Washington, DC Large-scale direct shear testing and triaxial testing 
Numerical Modeling Mohamed Elbyhagi Khartoum Rainfall Inflitration 
Rock mechanics Janaka Kumara Tokyo Deformation characteristics (soft rock) 
Lucy Wu Hong Kong Rock slope engineering, Rock slope stability, Excavations for large rock slopes 
Soil mechanics Mohamed Elbyhagi Khartoum Unsaturated soil mechanics 
Marcelo Heidemann Porto Alegre Tropical soils 
Janaka Kumara Tokyo Deformation characteristics 
Transportation Geotechnics Janaka Kumara Tokyo Ballast maintenance issues 
Jennifer Nicks Washington, DC Bridge approach transitions 
Underground Construction Aleksandra Chepurnova Moscow Retaining wall 


Don't see a topic you would like more information about? Please check back as additional technical contacts are added or check with an ISSMGE Technical Committee!