18th EYGEC, Italy, 2007

18th EYGEC, Italy, 2007

Presentations from the 18th European Young Geotechnical Engineers' Conference held in Ancona, Italy, in June 2007.


Prof. Michele Jamiolkowski, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Jamiolkowski - Safeguarding Venice Lagoon.pdf (10 614 kB)

Prof. William Van Impe, Ghent University, Belgium 
Van Impe - Underwater ground improvement.pdf (7 444 kB)


Prof. Roger Frank, ENPC - Paris, France
Frank - Eurocode 7.pdf (350 kB)

SESSION 1. Landslides and Slope Stability

1.  Areshkovych O. (Ukraine)
Determination of the slip surface location and its forming the case of a landslide-prone territory
1. Areshkovych.pdf (1 461 kB)

2.  Zayakova H. (Bulgaria)
Influence of the parameters of residual shear strength over the stability of landslide terrains 
2. Zayakova.pdf (586 kB)

3. ÄŒernoch P. (Czech Rep.)
Loss of slope stability on railway tracks and its sanation
3. Cernoch.pdf (4 103 kB)

4. Themeli A. (Albania)
Landslide stabilization by means of deep drainage
4. Themeli.pdf (1 924 kB)

5. Žugić Ž. (Serbia)
Remedial of site cuts and landslide mitigation on motor road M-25.1 Djerdap-Golubac
5. Zugic.pdf (456 kB)

6. Milne F.D. (United Kingdom)
A debris flow case history: Glen Ogle, Scotland
6. Milne.pdf (6 328 kB)

SESSION 2. Dikes and Embankments

1. Gabrielsson J. (Sweden)
Numerical analysis of stability of a road embankment on fine grained sulphide soil – comparison with field observations
1. Gabrielsson.pdf (950 kB)

2. Van de Kamp R.A.J. (The Netherlands)
Design of a basin dike consisting of loess-like soil
2. Van de Kamp.pdf (156 kB)

3. Möllmann A.F.D. (Germany)
Reliability analysis of a dike failure
3. Moellmann.pdf (995 kB)

4. Borderé S. (Belgium)
Dock of Doe–Construction of an underwater embankment on soft soil
4. Bordere.pdf (700 kB)

5.  Luomala H. (Finland)
Instrumentation of road structure for service life estimations
5. Luomala.pdf (544 kB)

SESSION 3. Foundations

1. Marinichev M.B. (Russia)
Design of pile-raft foundations of high-stored buildings in seismic regions
1. Marinichev.pdf (1 467 kB)

2. Bukaçi E. (Albania)
Three dimensional finite element analysis of laterally loaded piles
2. Bukaçi.pdf (292 kB)

3. Cummins D. (Ireland)
Comparison of performance of CFA piles in weak rock with Eurocode design predictions
3. Cummins.pdf (375 kB)

4. Kuder S. (Slovenia)
Axial compressibility behaviour of driven steel piles in soft marine soils of the Port of Koper
4. Kuder.pdf (781 kB)

5. Tumosa K. (Lithuania)
Test results of bored piles
5. Tumosa.pdf (2 476 kB)

6. Tóth R. (Hungary)
The settlement analysis method in pile design
6. Toth.pdf (109 kB)

7. Cheong M.T. (United Kingdom)
Case study: negative skin friction development on large pile groups for the new Wembley stadium
7. Cheong.pdf (730 kB)

8. Sokolić I. (Croatia)
Analysis and measurements of settlement for heavy loaded rigid footing
8. Sokolic.pdf (1 041 kB)

9. Arapakou A. (Greece)
Factors affecting differential settlements of framed structures
9. Arapakou.pdf (486 kB)

10. Langford T. (Norway)
Soil-structure interaction in offshore geotechnical design
10. Langford.pdf (451 kB)

11. Sturm H. (Germany)
Shallow foundations of offshore wind turbine structures in the North and Baltic Sea
11. Sturm.pdf (68 kB)

12. Gylland A.S. (Norway)
Gas flow effects on the stability of shallow offshore foundations
12. Gylland.pdf (232 kB)

13. Mortensen M.M. (Denmark)
Settlement caused by varying water content in medium plasticity clay
13. Mortensen.pdf (177 kB)

SESSION 4. Soil Behaviour and Modelling

1. Cardoso R. (Portugal)
Degradation of compacted marls. A micro-structural investigation
1. Cardoso.pdf (1 135 kB)

2. Števanić D. (Croatia)
The durability characterisation of selected marls from Dalmatian region in Croatia
2. Stevanic.pdf (347 kB)

3. Karam J.P. (France)
Effect of fines and cementation on the degradation of the shear modulus of loess from Northern France
3. Karam.pdf (856 kB)

4. Chareyre B. (France)
DEM modelling and geotechnical applications
4. Chareyre.pdf (1 351 kB)

5. Denies N. (Belgium)
Discrete element modelling of sinking sphere in a vibrating granular medium
5. Denies.pdf (803 kB)

6. Sanzeni A. (Italy)
The compression behaviour of Venice Lagoon sand
6. Sanzeni.pdf (2 313 kB)

7. Cinicioglu O. (Turkey)
A new model linking soil structure to strength
7. Cinicioglu.pdf (433 kB)

8. Kowalska M. (Poland)
Calibration of modified Cam Clay model with use of loading path method and genetic algorithms
8. Kowalska.pdf (220 kB)

9. Boylan N. (Ireland)
The shear strength of peat and its role in landslide events
9. Boylan.pdf (693 kB)

10. Ikizler S.B. (Turkey)
The variation of swelling characteristics with EPS geofoam in expansive soils
10. Ikizler.pdf (757 kB)

11. Mengelt M. (Finland)
Swelling ground foundation design for power generation facilities in East Africa
11. Mengelt.pdf (1 073 kB)

12. Persson J. (Sweden)
Unloading of soft clay: a field and laboratory study
12. Persson.pdf (290 kB)

13. Costanzo A. (Italy)
Numerical simulations of the seismic response of the Gerace cliff during the Calabrian seismic sequence (1783)
13. Costanzo.pdf (1 700 kB)

14. Bokov I. (Russia)
Settlements due to construction of tunnel with press-concrete lining in Moscow
14. Bokov.pdf (1 899 kB)

SESSION 5. Environmental Geotechnics

1. Kaller R. (Austria)
Dimensioning of de-icing and snow melting systems supplied by geothermal energy
1.Kaller.pdf (1 713 kB)

2. Szabó A. (Hungary)
The current state and future plans of closure and remediation of old landfills in Hungary
2. Szabo.pdf (701 kB)

3. Najser J. (Czech Rep.)
Modelling of trial embankment on double porosity clay
3. Najser.pdf (540 kB)

4. Tobolcea C. (Romania)
Application of modern methods for infrastructure computation
4. Tobolcea.pdf (337 kB)

5. San Martin I. (Spain)
Compressibility behaviour of tire derived aggregate
5. San Martin.pdf (443 kB)

SESSION 6. Soil Improvement 

1. Falorca I.M.C.F.G. (Portugal)
Full-scale field tests of microreinforced soil
1. Falorca.pdf (2 629 kB)

2. Droudakis A.I. (Greece)
Mechanical behaviour of a fine-grained soil reinforced with geotextiles
2. Droudakis.pdf (751 kB)

3. Castro J. (Spain)
Pore pressures during stone column installation
3. Castro.pdf (783 kB)

4. Sres A. (Switzerland)
Simulations and measurements of ground freezing with seepage flow
4. Sres.pdf (1 231 kB)

5. Ilieş M.N. (Romania)
Geotechnical problems on historic buildings consolidation
5. Ilies.pdf (340 kB)