International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

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 The ISSMGE Guidelines for Technical Committees are available here



TC Short Name

TC Official Name



Laboratory Testing Laboratory Stress Strength Testing of Geomaterials TC101
In-Situ Testing Ground Property Characterization from In-Situ Tests


Numerical Methods Numerical Methods in Geomechanics


Physical Modelling Physical Modelling in Geotechnics


Geo-Mechanics Geo-Mechanics from Micro to Macro


Unsaturated Soils Unsaturated Soils


Lateritic Soils Laterites and Lateritic Soils



Dykes and Levees Geotechnical Aspects of Dykes and Levees and Shore Protection TC201
Transportation Transportation Geotechnics TC202
Earthquake Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems TC203
Underground Construction Underground Construction in Soft Ground TC204
Safety and serviceability Safety and serviceability in geotechnical design TC205
Interactive Design Interactive Geotechnical Design TC206
Soil-Structure Soil-Structure Interaction and Retaining Walls TC207
Slope Stability Slope Stability in Engineering Practice TC208
Offshore Offshore Geotechnics TC209
Dams Dams and Embankments TC210
Ground Improvement Ground Improvement TC211
Deep Foundations Deep Foundations TC212
Scour and Erosion Scour and Erosion TC213
Soft Soils Foundation Engineering for Difficult Soft Soil Conditions TC214
Geo-environmental Environmental Geotechnics TC215
Frost Frost Geotechnics TC216
Land Reclamation Land Reclamation TC217

Impact on Society

Historic Sites Preservation of Historic Sites TC301
Forensic Forensic Geotechnical Engineering TC302
Floods Coastal and River Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation TC303
Risk Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management TC304
Megacities Geotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals TC305
Geo-Education     Geo-Engineering Education TC306
Sustainability Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering TC307
Energy Geotechnics Energy Geotechnics TC308
Joint with
Landslides Natural Slopes and Landslides JTC1
Geo-Eng Data Representation of Geo-Engineering Data JTC2