Young Member Presidential Group

Young Member Presidential Group


The mission of the YMPG is to increase the attractiveness of the ISSMGE for younger generations of geotechnical engineers. This is accomplished through the cooperation and exchange of ideas from students and younger members across the world.

The YMPG Executive Leadership Team is comprised of a Chair, appointed by the ISSMGE President for a term of 4-years, and a Vice-Chair and Secretary, elected by the YMPG members for a term of 2-years. The leadership team starting in 2016 is:

Lucy Wu 

Aleksandra Chepurnova


REGIONAL MEMBERS (2016-2017): 
The YMPG consists of 19 members total. In addition to the Chair, there are 3 members selected from each region, nominated by the regional VP. Membership is restricted to ISSMGE members 35 years of age or younger at the time of appointment. Members serve 2-year terms, renewable for an additional 2 years depending on activity level and eligibility. For this term, the make-up is about 50/50 academia/practioner, 70/30 male/female, and 80/20 new member/returning member.

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Region  Name  Country   E-mail
Africa   Daniel Avutia  South Africa
Ogbodo Munachiso Nigeria
Dalia Ragab Egypt
Asia Kazunori Fujisawa Japan
Roxana Amini Iran
Lucy Wu Hong Kong
Australasia VACANT TBD TBD
Louis King Australia
Alison McQuillan Australia
Europe Aleksandra Chepurnova Russia
Will Howlett UK
Diana Marques Portugal
North America Robert Godinez USA
Alejandro Martinez Mexico
Julian McGreevy Canada
South America Juan Ayala Chile
Marcelo Llano Serna Colombia
Mario Terceros Bolivia

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Charles Ng (ISSMGE President)
Fatma BALIGH (VP for Africa)
Paul MAYNE (VP for North America)
Vlasta SZAVITS-NOSSAN (Appointed Board Member)

YMPG_Board Meeting_12Sept2014
YMPG_Board Meeting_13February2016
YMPG_Board Meeting_23February2015
YMPG_Board Meeting_18March2014