Young Member Presidential Group

Young Member Presidential Group






The mission of the YMPG is to engage the next generation of geotechnical engineers in the ISSMGE. This is accomplished through a wide network of liaisons and corresponding members around the world. The YMPG will act as the nexus of this network by:

  1. Enabling the sharing of knowledge and ideas
  2. Connecting groups with each other, and
  3. Facilitating communcation between younger members and ISSMGE leadership.


The YMPG is transitioning from a previous structure of having representation from each of the ISSMGE regions to a smaller Core Team. The Core Team consists of ISSMGE members, 35 years of age or younger at the time of appointment. The core members will be international in its composition but will not represent any region or member society. Members serve 2 year terms, renewable for an additional 2 years depending on activity and eligibility. The Chair is appointed by the ISSMGE President for a term of 4 years. We are not taking any new Core Members for this term. The Core Team members for this term are:

  • Ashe Cooper (Chair)
  • Judy Eid
  • Ezra Y. S. Tjung
  • Bridget Lokoe
  • Mario Terceros
  • Mingliang Zhou


We would love to hear from you! To contact us, please send emails to:
[email protected]