Corporate Associates Presidential Group

Corporate Associates Presidential Group

Update March 2021

By providing outstanding and unique opportunities for the Corporate Associates to work with the ISSMGE and the global geotechnical community, the Corporate Associates Presidential Group (CAPG) aims to grow the number of Corporate Associates. Details of why and how to join are provided on this link

All Corporate Associates are welcome to call in and participate in the CAPG Core Team scheduled six weekly teleconferences of 1- hour duration.  Further details can be obtained from Sam Mackenzie (GHD, Corporate Associate), 

Planned 2020/ 2021 CAPG Focus Activities

  • working towards a great outcome for our Corporate Associates at the 20th ICSMGE in Sydney, Australia (revised conference dates 1 - 6 May 2022)
  • mobilising global support for the “Are we overdesigning survey? through innovative online workshops, that provide promotional opportunities for our Corporate Associates - Completed
  • making a significant effort to have strong Corporate Associates presence at the International Foundations Conference and Equipment Expo (IFCEE 2021), May 10-14, 2021, Dallas, Texas, USA - Our speciality session proposal accepted
  • promotion of short videos on geotechnical engineering created by Corporate Associates via ISSMGE Virtual University platform - Not getting much traction
  • (new) ISSMGE Conversations at the CAPG 
  • (new) ISSMGE Virtual Time Capsule - CAPG inputs to be decided



The new dates for the conference are 1 - 6 May 2022

The CAPG will be hosting two sessions at the Sydney Conference

  • a plenary session at which Peter Day and Past President Jean-Louis Briaud will present the findings of the ISSMGE “Are we overdesigning” survey
  • The second is a parallel session at which CAPG members will present 15 papers on Innovations and Achievements in Geotechnical Engineering Practice.  Nineteen abstracts have been provisionally accepted from which the final 15 papers will be selected on merit.

Furthermore, a CAPG dinner is planned at the 20th ICSMGE, and a new “save the date” invitation will be sent to all Corporate Associates.

The Technical Committee of the 20th ICSMGE has accepted CAPG's guidelines for the PITs (Powerful, Innovative Talks). Invitations to submit applications for consideration can be expected shortly from the 20th ICSMGE. 


Between August and December 2020, a significant number of online events were held across the world to engage geotechnical engineers on the overdesign survey. Sessions were held for Africa, Australia/ New Zealand, South East Asia, France/ Morocco, Latin America and Canada. Through this widespread effort, initiated, and led by the YMPG as well as a number of Corporate Associates, a very good geographical distribution of responses to the survey have been secured. Most importantly, these sessions have attracted a large number of geotechnical engineers, helping to spread awareness of the ISSMGE and its work in the geotechnical community. 

In addition to the online events, the "are we overdesigning?" survey also had a  great boost from the TC 304, Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management, which has formed several groups to prepare probabilistic/reliability solutions to the survey problems.  This task is now finished, and TC 304 has submitted a comprehensive report to Dr Peter Day, for use along with all the responses from the global survey. 

Full results of the survey will be presented at the 20th ICSMGE in Sydney as stated above. 

International Foundations Conference and Equipment Expo (IFCEE), May 10-14, 2021, Dallas, Texas, USA

This is an important event in the geotechnical calendar in the USA. CAPG is very fortunate to be supported in our initiative for securing a speciality session by the ASCE G-I International Activities Council. In May 2020, an immense amount of effort was made to deliver a proposal to the IFCEE 2021 organising committee.

We are very pleased to report that the organisers rated very highly the CAPG proposal entitled "Knowledge gaps in geotechnical engineering design and construction and the role that the USA could play in influencing global practice", and we have been allocated a speciality session, currently tentatively scheduled for May 13th, 3 - 4.30PM

Our distinguished panel members for the CAPG speciality session will present either in person at the venue or by online, and the hybrid mode of this year's conference allows access for participation by a wider audience across the world. Dr Mark H. Wayne, Ph.D., P.E., Director of Application Technology & Engineering, Tensar International Corporation, is the CAPG anchor person for the speciality session. 

We will update on this important development in the USA as further details come to hand. 

ISSMGE Virtual Time Capsule

Considerable details of the ISSMGE Virtual Time Capsule can be found on the ISSMGE webpage, on The formal time capsule will be launched at the 20th ICSMGE in Sydney, but we expect to have many interim opportunities for Corporate Associates to contribute and be visible in the geotechnical community.

Corporate Associate involvement and contribution to this important and exciting ISSMGE initiative is currently under discussion by the CAPG team. All Corporate associates are invited to join us in this discussion. 

Promotion of Videos by Corporate Associates on ISSMGE Virtual University platform

Corporate Associates have the opportunity to contribute to the ISSMGE Virtual University via short videos (10 min) on “How to…”… related to activities from geotechnical engineering practice. The videos are meant for undergraduate students. 

ISSMGE Conversations at the CAPG

The CAPG team is exploring the "why" of engagement with the ISSMGE, from a variety of interested groups, and how the CAPG can act to increase that. All input very welcome. 

We look forward to seeing more corporate associates at our scheduled meetings and contributing to the CAPG discussions and directions.   

Peter Day, Chair CAPG

Sukumar Pathmanandavel, Co-Chair CAPG


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