Corporate Associates Presidential Group

Corporate Associates Presidential Group

Corporate Associates Presidential Group (CAPG) is a Board level committee of the ISSMGE and comprises representatives drawn from the Corporate Associates (CAs) of the ISSMGE. The Corporate Associates cover corporations, consultancies, contractors, equipment manufacturers, and product manufacturers. A full list of CAs, along with links to their company web sites are provided in the accompanying tab, List of CAs

The main purpose of the Corporate Associates Presidential Group (CAPG) is to assist the ISSMGE in developing actions and activities that will enhance the commercial sector of the Geotechnical Profession. In the October edition of the ISSMGE Bulletin, our President, Charles Ng, had made it clear that there will be a boosting of the Corporate Associates in his term. Extract from the bulletin follows:

  • Boosting Corporate Associates to narrow the gap between academics and practitioners: There is a significant gap between academics and practitioners in our society. Under the leadership of the board-level committee, the Corporate Associates Presidential Group, various measures will be taken to bridge this gap including the introduction of a contractor forum and a consultant forum in regional and major conferences. In addition, a new policy will be implemented to encourage Corporate Associates to join and play a major role in some of the TCs.

2019 Regional Conferences 

The CAPG core team is at present actively connecting with all the organisers of the 2019 regional conferences to ensure Corporate Associates get as high a profile as possible in each of the conference forums. We are reasonably confident, through responses received to date, that there will be either a plenary session slot or a parallel stream slot in each of the five regional conferences.  A key question that has been raised by the organisers is what does the CAPG want these sessions (referred above by the President as Contractor Forums and Consultant Forums) to look like? The CAPG would really appreciate your contribution to this question, as soon as practicable. We don't have much time before the organisers of these regional conferences start to lock down schedules.

June 2018 ISSMGE Board Meeting in Skopje, Macedonia

We are also thinking about holding, if at all practical, a face to face meeting of the Corporate Associates, possibly at the June 2018 Board meeting in  Skopje, Macedonia. We are keen to hear from CAs, who would like to,

  • explore this further,
  • might be interested in branding this in their company's name for publicity (for a suitable sponsorship fee to the ISSMGE)
  • suggest attractions that might draw in Corporate Associates, Academics, and others to the session. This can be address to the session by a prominent public figure, an asset owner, or a senior figure in one of the commercial companies etc

2017 Global Survey of SOA and SOP

We are working hard to release very soon to the broader geotechnical community the formal results of the 2017 Global Survey of State of the Art and State of Practice. Please feel free to suggest other ideas and means of communications. The photo below shows the general set up for contributions from the audience at the Seoul CAPG Workshop. Please click on the links to access pdf files of the presentations at the Seoul workshop, which contain both general and specific information about the global survey.

Increasing CA numbers to 60

Under the President, Charles Ng's guidance, we are engaging strongly with the Vice Presidents in each region (Asia, Australasia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America) to increase the CA numbers from the current number of 32 to 60. If you can assist, please let us know. 

CAPG Conference Call

Finally, our next CAPG call is on the 5th December 2017 at 9.45 pm Sydney, Australia time. The call lasts for strictly 1 hr. If you are not already in the CAPG core group distribution, please let Kim Chan ( know your interest in joining. 

Please contact the undersigned should you wish to learn more details about the Corporate Associates scheme.

Sukumar Pathmanandavel , Chair CAPG
Global Service Leader – Ground & Underground Engineering, Aurecon
T +61 2 9465 5289 M +61 413 941 487