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NAUE News Dec 2019

For the latest news from Naue, please click on the following link to access the December 2019 Newsletter (Issue 49)

Are We Overdesigning? – A Survey of International Practice

A joint initiative by:             Corporate Associates Presidential Group (CAPG), Young Members Presidential Group (YMPG), Technical Committee TC205 (Safety and Serviceability), and Technical Committee TC304 ...

NAUE news

For the latest news from Naue, please click on the following link to access the December 2018 Newsletter (Issue 48)

Pagani News - In situ test

Pagani Geotechnical Equipment - FREE App available Pagani Geotechnical have made available a FREE app to all professionals involved with in-situ testing - mechanical CPT (Dutch cone) and Dynamic tests, as well as Trench pits.  The App can both record and send data fro ...

AOSA - a new Corporate Associate of ISSMGE

AOSA SA is an Argentinian company offering ground investigation services since 1974. Their clients’ list includes all major construction and infrastructure companies of Argentina, public organizations and private companies of all branches of industry, with emphasis in the e ...

"La Lettre Terrasol" - December 2017

The latest issue of "La Lettre Terrasol" (December 2017) is now available here: It includes an overview of some of our ongoing projects, as well as a short presentation of a few scientific developments we are presently focusing on. We hope yo ...


SMEC, a multidisciplinary professional services engineering company, is delighted to join the ISSMGE CAPG.  SMEC is part of the Surbana Jurong Group, ranked 35th in the 2017 ENR global rankings. We aim to benefit communities we work in and enhance our geotechnical profession ...

Tensar appoints ex-Tarmac man as the new UK & Ireland Asphalt Reinforcement Manager

Tensar is delighted to announce the appointment of our new UK & Ireland Asphalt Reinforcement Manager, Warren Perrin. Warren has more than 25 years’ experience in the Asphalt contracting industry and was previously General Manager for Tarmac’s South East region. W ...

A.P. van den Berg - ST-Rods applied offshore

Recently you could read the news about the ST-Rods, that can be easily folded onto a reel. A.P. van den Berg still hasn’t fully explored the potential of this promising innovation, but the company in the Netherlands is ready to introduce some concrete applications, one ...

A.P. van den Berg - ST-Rods – the (un)folding CPT string!

Next to the AR-Rods and 2R-Rods, A.P. van den Berg created the Ø36 mm ST-Rods. Because these CPT rods have a self-seeking bayonet thread, they close effortlessly and require just a final, short, single twist to become firmly interlocked, hence the name SingleTwist-Rods ...