Professional Image Committee

Professional Image Committee

Chair: Ikuo Towhata (Japan) (
Vice Chair: Valérie Bernhardt (France)
Committee Secretary: Amr F. Elhakim (Egypt)

Roger Estephan - Lebanon
Jie Han - USA
Mark B. Jaksa - Australia
Hoe I. Ling - USA
Edyta Malinowska - Poland
Wei F. Lee - Chinese Taipei
Christian Moormann - Germany
Walter I. Paniagua - Mexico
Gang Zheng - P.R.China
Riaz Bhanbhro - Pakistan

Board Liaisons:
Fatma Baligh
Marc Ballouz
Jarbas Milititsky




The PIC will be composed of the following members:

The members will be suggested to the President and Board of ISSMGE and will be appointed by the President for 1 year renewable by tacit consent. An effort will be made to represent all continents. A member or more of the ISSMGE Board will be chosen as the liaison with the PIC. The Board will have the right to discontinue the membership of a PIC member in case of poor performance. A Vice-Chair and a Secretary will be selected by the PIC Chair and suggested to the ISSMGE President and Board.


The Task of the PIC will consist of being the link between ISSMGE and the general public. The activities of the ISSMGE Professional Image Committee will include:

Objective 1: Website

An educational and informative website will be created on the World Wide Web, as a reference to anybody who likes to know what geotechnical engineering is. The website will use simple definitions and explanations describing different geotechnical engineering aspects and activities, with some pictures, videos and animations. It will be complementing the Wikipedia presentation and will include crucial links to many societies and associations around the world for the visitor to pursue his quest if needed.

Objective 2: News media

Objective 3: The Public

Objective 4: Disaster response

  1. Offer reduced or free registration to our conferences to disaster victims for one year.
  2. Supports RedR - Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief (
  3. Open a special fund for disaster victims, raise money.
  4. Offer to host families of disaster victims for a while.
  5. Develop guidelines for nuclear power plants protection against tsunamis.
  6. Develop guidelines on geotechnical aspects of post-earthquake-disaster activities (investigation, back analysis, reconstruction).
  7. Develop guidelines for civilian behavior during and after disasters.
  8. Organize conferences on what was learned from a disaster in the city of the disaster to help their economy.
  9. Help to educate the public on the risk it faces. Zero risk does not exist.
  10. Help raise the quality control of the work in developing countries.
  11. Provide full support to member societies in need of what ISSMGE can do for them (technical support).
  12. Organize groups of volunteers to go to the site of the disaster and be technical advisors.
  13. Support GEER, the Geotechnical Extreme Event Reconnaissance

Objective 5: Awards

An award to be given to an individual who distinguished himself or herself in reporting and/or promoting geotechnical activities. This is to be coordinated to fit within current ISSMGE framework / AWAC.


The PIC will meet 4 times a year by teleconference or in person. An in-person meeting once a year is encouraged. Expenses for the meetings will be the responsibility of the Member's country or the member.


The PIC will prepare a short report to brief the Board on the status of the committee, each time there is a meeting of the Board in person (twice a year, in principle).


a. Chair
b. Vice-Chair
c. Secretary
d. Members: Approximately 12
e. ISSMGE Board member liaison: 3

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