Technical Oversight Committee

Technical Oversight Committee

The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is in charge of supervising and coordinating the activities of the Technical Committees (TCs) of the ISSMGE. The mission of TCs is to provide a forum for active participation by the individual members of ISSMGE, and to promote the objectives, activities and results of the Technical Committees throughout the ISSMGE membership. The TCs are a meeting arena for discussing, developing and applying specialist geotechnical knowledge related to the behaviour of geo-materials, geotechnical engineering and engineering for society.


The TOC is managed by a Chair, a Secretary and the 6 Vice-Presidents of the Regions. Each Vice-President follows the activities of the TCs from his/her region.

Chair: Prof. Pierre Delage, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - pierre.delage(at)
Secretary: Prof. Kenichi Soga, University of California, Berkeley - soga(at)

-  Africa: Etienne Marcelin Kana - emk2cm(at) (CTGA) 
-  Asia: Eun-Chul Shin - ecshin(at) (Korea)
-  Australasia: Alexander Gavin - gavin.alexander(at)  (New Zealand)
-  Europe: Mario Manassero - mario.manassero(at) (Italy)
-  North America: Timothy Newson - tnewson(at) (Canada)
-  South America: Alejo Sfriso - asfriso(at) (Argentina)

The TC activities are governed by the Guidelines for ISSMGE Technical Committees and ISSMGE Honour Lectures, that also deal with creating and naming Honours Lectures, and the process for selection of a lecturer.


- The term of a TC Chair is four years long, with a maximum of two terms, resulting in an eight year maximum period);
- The TC membership includes (i) four members nominated by the Chair (who also selects the TC Vice-Chair (if necessary) and secretary), with voting right, (ii) two members nominated by the Member Societies interested in the TC activities, with voting right, and (iii) corresponding members (no limit in number) who may attend meetings and participate to the TC activities, without voting right;
- The reporting of the TC activities to the TOC is planned at mid-term (2019) and at the end of the the presidential term (6 months before the Sydney ISSMGE Conference in 2021).

It is not in the interest of TCs to have a long list with many inactive members. To achieve more efficient TC activities, Chairs are invited to regularly check their member list and to invite Member Societies either to cancel the participation of inactive members (never seen at the TC meetings or never responding to e-mails and requirements) or to replace them, in particular by more active corresponding members. 

TC WEBSITE (contact: webmaster(at)

An updated TC website is mandatory to promote the TC activites. It is in the interest of the ISSMGE to have most of the TC websites brought together within the ISSMGE website. In case they still have no proper active and informative website, TC officers are warmly encouraged to use the TC subwebsite available on the ISSMGE website to promote their activities (providing the minutes of the TC administrative meetings is encouraged) and to divulgate the technical and scientific events that they organise. TCs with own active websites are invite to insert a link in the ISSMGE sub-website.


An essential mission of the ISSMGE is to provide up to date technical and scientific information to contribute to the improvement of knowledge easily available for the profession. Following the ISSMGE Open Access policy (see the ISSMGE Publication and Conference Manual), TCs are strongly encouraged to publish in Open Access their scientific production, and particularly the Proceedings of their Conferences, Symposium and Workshops that they organise.


The TOC activity report over the term 2013 - 2017 can be downloaded here, the TOC presentation to TC officers at the Seoul Conference (20 Sept. 2017) here, and the feedback from the CAPG - TOC survey on Bridging the Gap between SoA and SoP here.