Evaluation of Eurocode 8

ERTC12: Evaluation of Eurocode 8

  • To participate in international conferences and activities relating to the evaluation and application of Eurocode 8, in particular to organise workshops during ISSMGE conferences.
  • To communicate the conclusions of the workshops organized by the committee and the latest research findings to the engineering community and to the code drafting teams of the new edition of EC-8. Focus is placed on issues of geotechnical earthquake engineering relevant to part 1 and 5 of EC-8.

Type Full Name Country
Chair Christos Vrettos Germany
Secretary Achilleas Papadimitriou Greece
Member Alexandru Aldea Romania
Member Anastasios Anastasiadis Greece
Member Ioannis Anastasopoulos Switzerland
Member Attila Ansal Turkey
Member George Bouckovalas Greece
Member Kemal Onder Cetin Turkey
Member Fahd Cuira France
Member George Gazetas Greece
Member Stavroula Kontoe UK
Member Giuseppe Lanzo Italy
Member Diego Lo Presti Italy
Member George Mylonakis UK
Member Roberto Paolucci Italy
Member Alain Pecker France
Member Kyriazis Pitilakis Greece
Member Francisco Salgado Portugal
Member Armando Simonelli Italy
Member NN Spain
Member NN Croatia
International Observer Sissy Nikolaou USA
International Observer Jonathan Stewart USA
International Observer NN Japan
International Observer NN Japan

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  • ETC12 Evaluation of Eurocode 8, is one of the European Technical Committees of the ISSMGE
  • ETC12 has organized three workshops on the evaluation and application of the  current version of Eurocode 8. The  reports may be downloaded from this site.
  • Presently, ETC12 concentrates in communicating these findings to the drafting teams of the new version of EC8.

ETC-12 Workshop in Athens in 2011

Bibliographical Reference:

ERTC-12 Workshop (2011), Evaluation of Geotechnical Aspects of EC8, M.Maugeri, Editor, CD Volume of Proceedings, Athens, 11 September 2011, Patron Editore Bologna, ISBN 978-88-555-3124-5.

The Table of Contents can be downloaded here:  TOC.ETC-12 _Workshop_2011

ETC-12 Workshop during ECSMGE in Madrid 2007

Bibliographical Reference:

ERTC-12 Workshop (2007), Geotechnical Aspects of EC8, M.Maugeri, Editor, CD Volume of Proceedings, Madrid, 25 September 2007, Patron Editore Bologna, ISBN 978-88-555-2943-3.

The Table of Contents can be downloaded here: TOC.ETC-12 _Workshop_2007

ETC-12 Workshop in Athens in 2006

ERTC-12 Workshop (2006), General Report Proceedings edited by G.Bouckovalas, Athens 20-21 January 2006

Proceedings can be downloaded here

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