ERTC7: Numerical Methods

To survey, compare and discuss the development and applications of numerical methods in Geotechnical Engineering in different European countries.

To promote the establishment of links between the development and practical application of numerical methods in Geotechnical Engineering and the enhancement of co-operation with other existing groups within the field of numerical methods in Geotechnical Engineering.

To continue with the organisation of a series of European Conferences on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering.

At the onset of its work, the Committee should establish a schedule of activities, that enables it to provide such results, that can be of general benefit to members of ISSMGE, for example in the form of printed documents, seminars, sessions at international or regional conferences, etc.
In planning its work, the Committee should take into account that Committee work within ISSMGE is scheduled in sequences corresponding to the period between international conferences.
In consultation with the Vice-President for Europe, the Committee may introduce changes in its Terms of Reference that may be necessary to complete its work within the time schedule.

Chair Franz Tschuchnigg Austria
C.M Juan M. Pestana U.S.A.
N.R. Zsolt Szilvágyi Hungary
N.R. Ronald Brinkgreve The Netherlands
N.R. Bojana Grujic                         Bosnien und Herzegowina
N.R. Harvey Burd U.K.
N.R. Annamaria Cividini Italy
N.R. Josif Josifovski Macedonia
N.R. Bojan Janevski Macedonia
N.R. Emmanuel Bourgeois France
N.R. Fahd Cuira France
N.R. Marcin Cudny Poland
N.R. F. Haahr Denmark
N.R. Kristóf Ldör Hungary
N.R. Pedro Alves Costa Portugal
N.R. Gustav Grimstad Norway
N.R. Marco D'Ignazio Finland
N.R. Korolev Konstantin Russia
N.R. Erion Bukaci Albania
N.R. Mirva Gega Albania
N.R. Lena Mihova Bulgaria
N.R. Teresa Bodas Freitas Portugal
N.R. Sascha Henke Germany
N.R. Vladimir Dyba Russia
N.R. Hans Petter Jostad Norway
N.R. Yiorgos Perikleous Cyprus
N.R. Ernestos Sarris  Cyprus
C.M. Mohamed Rouainia          U.K.                       
C.M. Helmut Schweiger            Austria                          
N.R. Jorge Castro González Spain                  
N.R. Ana Belén M. Bacas Spain
C.M. Miguel Ángel M. Muñoz Spain
C.M. Dave Potts U.K.
C.M. Manuel Pastor Spain
N.R. Sanja Jockovic Serbia
N.R. Veljko Pujevic Serbia
N.R. Kristian Krabbenhøft Denmark

N.R. => Nominated member

C.M. => Corresponding member

NUMGE 2023


The 10th European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering will be held at Imperial College, London, June 26-28  2023.

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