TC216 Frost

Frost Geotechnics

1. Organization of conferences, symposium and workshops.

TC216 will participate in the organization of a specialty conference during the period.

We will investigate a possibility of organizing the International Conference/Symposium on Ground Freezing.

We will also look into organization of workshops in connection with well-established conferences such as the ASCE Cold Regions Engineering Conference, ICECORD, and International Conference on Permafrost and other regional conferences.

ICSMGE will be held in Seoul, Korea from 17 to 21 September 2017. We plan to organize a workshop during this conference.


2. Key-note lectures, state-of-the-art lectures

Members will be encouraged to initiate lectures related to frost topics.


3. Participation of potential members

We try to dig out new potential participants within the field such as young members and practitioners.


4. Generate a list of major publications on frost geotechnics. 

We will collect and summarize available standards, codes and guidelines in the Frost Geotechnics, and recommendations for practice will be discussed.

1. Cooperate with International Permafrost Associations Work Group for Permafrost Engineering.

 Several of the other TCs’ members are also member of this TC.

2. Re-establish cooperation with organizations working on artificial ground freezing. 

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Takashi Ono Japan
2 Secretary Arne Instanes Norway
3 Nominated Member Takeshi Ishizaki Japan
4 Nominated Member BashirAhmed Mir India
5 Nominated Member Jan Laue Sweden
6 Corresponding Member Heon-Joon PARK South Korea
7 Nominated Member Seppo Saarelainen Finland
8 Nominated Member Adrian McCallum Australia
9 Nominated Member Anna Maria (Margherita) Ferrero Italy
10 Nominated Member Fabio de Polo Italy
11 Nominated Member Jean-Marie Konrad Canada
12 Nominated Member Alireza Negahdar Iran
13 Nominated Member Sven Knutsson Sweden
14 Nominated Member S.A. KUDRYAVTSEV Russia
15 Nominated Member Tomasz Kozłowski Poland
16 Nominated Member Anne-Lise Berggren Norway
17 Nominated Member Henry Gustavsson Finland
18 Nominated Member Xiong (Bill) Yu United States

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Host Member Society: Germany

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