TC205 Safety and Serviceability

Safety and Serviceability in Geotechnical Design

1. Provide an internet forum for debate of matters related to TC205’s subject area.

2. Promote existing training information (generally web-based material), webinars, etc. Provide links to these resources from the TC205 website.

3. Encourage members to contribute to ISSMGE webinars.

4. Draft and share reports on topics of interests such as:

  1. inclusion of results of reliability analysis and random field theory into design codes;
  2. definition of serviceability limit states and design criteria for them;
  3. a critical assessment of major design codes.

1. Maintain a list of publications recommended by members of TC205 and share the list on the TC205’s website.

2. Provide examples, either as part of the reports mentioned in objective 1 or separately, of design practices.

Organize workshops and encourage paper submission to international and regional ISSMGE and other conferences.

1. Invite representatives from the related industries to give webinars to the committee members.

2. Invite individuals in design standards/codes committees to present in TC205 webinars/workshops.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Rodrigo Salgado United States
2 Secretary Fei Han United States
3 Corresponding Member Yuzhen Yu China
4 Nominated Member Adriaan van Seters Netherlands
5 Nominated Member Gil Lim Yoon South Korea
6 Nominated Member Andrew Bond United Kingdom
7 Nominated Member Kristian Krabbenhoft Australia
8 Nominated Member FRANCO M FRANCISCA Argentina
9 Nominated Member Nihal Vitharana Australia
10 Nominated Member Petr Koudelka Czech & Slovak Republics
11 Nominated Member Habib Shahnazari Iran
12 Nominated Member Marco Uzielli Italy
13 Nominated Member Vincenzo Pane Italy
14 Nominated Member Jae Hyun Park South Korea
15 Nominated Member N K Samadhiya India
16 Nominated Member Hansruedi Schneider Switzerland
17 Nominated Member Bernd Schuppener Germany
18 Nominated Member Sónia Hortência Portugal
19 Nominated Member Iacint Manoliu Romania
20 Nominated Member Jørgen S. Steenfelt Denmark
21 Nominated Member Hongwei Huang China
22 Nominated Member Peter Day South Africa
23 Nominated Member Widjojo A. Prakoso Indonesia
24 Corresponding Member Gang Wang Hong Kong
25 Nominated Member Trevor Orr Ireland
26 Nominated Member Sebastien BURLON France
27 Nominated Member Tony Allen United States
28 Corresponding Member Jay Kumar Shukla India
29 Nominated Member Tim Länsivaara Finland
30 Nominated Member Takashi Hara Japan
31 Nominated Member Yusuke Honjo Japan
32 Nominated Member Raymond Cheung Hong Kong
33 Nominated Member Limin Zhang Hong Kong
34 Nominated Member Richard Bathurst Canada
35 Nominated Member Ali Noorzad Iran
36 Nominated Member Anders Kullingsjö Sweden
37 Nominated Member Lech Bałachowski Poland
38 Nominated Member Wojciech Puła Poland
39 Nominated Member Antonio Soriano Spain
40 Nominated Member Kerstin Lesny Germany
41 Nominated Member Kok Kwang Phoon Singapore
42 Nominated Member Amit Prashant India

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Host Member Society: USA

Short name: Safety and Serviceability (TC205) - Terms of Reference - to be approved

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