TC207 Soil-Structure

Soil-Structure Interaction and Retaining Walls

To promote co-operation and expertise exchange within the area of soil-structure interaction and retaining walls amongst the leading research and design institutes and universities world-wide as well as amongst the largest contractors with the objective to enhance overall engineering and research expertise within this area.

To identify examples of well-documented case histories involving soil-structure interaction.

To analyze the case histories using various soil-structure interaction models and to compare the results with the real observations.

To serve as an organizational support in promoting and advancement of new calculation methods in soil-structure interaction, as well as in development of related interactive monitoring and application of the observational method with possibility of adjusting design decisions during the construction process.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Michael Lisyuk Russia
2 Secretary Deepankar Choudhury India
3 Nominated by TC Chair Constantin Shashkin Russia
4 Nominated Member V. Bala Kumar India
5 Nominated Member G. Madhavi Latha India
6 Nominated Member Dimitris Pitilakis Greece
7 Corresponding Member Pantelis Pantelidis Greece
8 Nominated Member George Mylonakis Greece
9 Nominated Member Jan Kos Czech & Slovak Republics
10 Corresponding Member Onder Akcakal Turkey
11 Corresponding Member Mete Erdemgil Turkey
12 Corresponding Member Hamza Gullu Turkey
13 Corresponding Member muge İnanir Turkey
14 Corresponding Member Ozgur Bezgin Turkey
15 Nominated Member Olivier PAL France
16 Nominated Member Catherine JACQUARD France
17 Nominated Member Jan Kupec New Zealand
18 Nominated Member Alexandra Ene Romania
19 Nominated Member Werner Bilfinger Brazil
20 Nominated Member Gregorio Villacorta Peru
21 Nominated Member Talal Awwad Syria
22 Corresponding Member Heon-Joon PARK South Korea
23 Corresponding Member V. Ulitsky Russia
24 Nominated Member Dipanjan Basu Canada
25 Nominated Member Lorella Montrasio Italy
26 Nominated Member JUAN MANUEL FERNANDEZ VINCENT Argentina
27 Nominated Member Francesco Castelli Italy
28 Nominated Member Mandy Korff Netherlands
29 Corresponding Member Anindya Pain India
30 Nominated Member Mark O'Neill United Kingdom
31 Nominated Member Kelvin Higgins United Kingdom
32 Nominated Member Deniz Ulgen Turkey
33 Nominated Member I Wayan Sengara Indonesia
34 Nominated Member Rolf Katzenbach Germany
35 Nominated Member Nuno Guerra Portugal
36 Nominated Member Castorina Vieira Portugal
37 Nominated Member Victor C.W. Ong Singapore
38 Nominated Member Dominic Ek Leong Ong Malaysia
39 Nominated Member Johnny Cheuk Hong Kong
40 Nominated Member Omer Bilgin United States
41 Nominated Member Fang Liu China
42 Nominated Member Enver Doda Albania
43 Corresponding Member Atsuko Sato Japan
44 Nominated Member Kari Avellan Finland
45 Corresponding Member Takashi Kiyota Japan
46 Nominated Member Tsuneo Ohsumi Japan
47 Nominated Member Lars Vollmert Germany
48 Nominated Member Ioannis Antonopoulos New Zealand
49 Nominated Member Chris Haberfield Australia
50 Nominated Member Horatiu Popa Romania
51 Nominated Member Jan Couck Belgium
52 Nominated Member William Van Impe Belgium
53 Nominated Member Abbas Soroush Iran
54 Nominated Member Igor Sokolic Croatia
55 Corresponding Member Khoa Van NGUYEN France
56 Nominated Member Z.G. TER-MARTIROSYAN Russia
57 Nominated Member Grzegorz Horodecki Poland
58 Nominated Member Grzegorz Kasprzak Poland
59 Nominated Member Lars Andresen Norway
60 Nominated Member Maurício M. Sales Brazil
61 Nominated Member Javier Moreno Spain
62 Nominated Member Hemanta Hazarika Japan



13 September 2015, Edinburgh – Scotland.
16 December 2015, Pune – India.

Edited by: Michael Lisyuk, Vladimir Ulitsky, Deepankar Choudhury.


Published in 2016.

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Host Member Society: Russia

Short name: Soil-Structure (TC207)

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