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Tailing and Mine Wastes


Victor de Mello Lectures by Jamiolkowski and Morgenstern

TC 221 has made available two videos from the most prestigious Victor de Mello Lectures delivered by Prof. Michele Jamiolkowski and Prof. Norbert Morgenstern.

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Professor Victor de Mello



Professor Norbert Morgens

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# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Ramón Verdugo Chile
2 Vice Chair Rafael Monroy United Kingdom
3 Secretary Fernando Schnaid Brazil
4 Nominated by TC Chair Norbert Morgenstern Canada
5 Nominated by TC Chair Michele Jamiolkowski Italy
6 Nominated by TC Chair Luis Valenzuela Chile
7 Nominated by TC Chair Susumu Yasuda Japan
9 Nominated Member Jean-François Vanden Berghe Belgium
10 Nominated Member Michele Jamiolkowski Italy
11 Corresponding Member Helena Nierwinski Brazil
12 Nominated Member Alejo Sfriso Argentina
13 Nominated Member Jun Yang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
14 Nominated Member Jan Laue Sweden
15 Nominated Member Hongjie Zhou Australia
17 Corresponding Member Young-Suk SONG South Korea
18 Nominated Member Christopher Beckett United Kingdom
19 Nominated Member Antonio Carraro United Kingdom
20 Corresponding Member Elisabeth Bowman United Kingdom
21 Corresponding Member Stephen Thomas United Kingdom
22 Corresponding Member Daniel Barreto United Kingdom
23 Corresponding Member Lidija Zdravkovic United Kingdom
24 Corresponding Member Truong Le United Kingdom
25 Corresponding Member Peter Jones United Kingdom
26 Corresponding Member Matteo Ciantia United Kingdom
27 Nominated Member Shi-Jin Feng China
28 Nominated Member Yongfeng DENG China
29 Corresponding Member Jiang-shan Li China
30 Corresponding Member Dudley Brown United Kingdom
31 Nominated Member Sin Fatt Chan Malaysia
32 Nominated Member Luiz Guilherme De Mello Brazil
33 Nominated Member MÁRCIO ALMEIDA Brazil
34 Nominated Member Steven Kramer United States
35 Nominated Member Alejandro Martinez United States
36 Nominated Member Paolo Simonini Italy
37 Corresponding Member Nicola Brusa Italy
38 Corresponding Member Daniele Cazzuffi Italy
39 Corresponding Member Paolo Croce Italy
40 Corresponding Member Johann Facciorusso Italy
41 Corresponding Member Lucia Simeoni Italy
42 Nominated Member Koldobika Sánchez Arrotegui Spain
43 Nominated Member Ignacio Pérez Rey Spain
44 Corresponding Member Marcos Arroyo Spain
45 Corresponding Member Enmanuelle Carvajal Spain
46 Corresponding Member Miguel Cabal Lorenzo Spain
47 Nominated Member Andrzej Gruchot Poland
48 Nominated Member Waldemar Świdziński Poland
49 Nominated Member Laura Carbone Germany
50 Nominated Member Brahian Roman Peru
51 Nominated Member Jesse Tam Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
52 Corresponding Member John Cowland Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
53 Corresponding Member Jeff Wang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
54 Nominated Member LUCIANO OLDECOP Argentina
55 Nominated Member Nuno Cristelo Portugal
56 Corresponding Member Mark Bruton United Kingdom
57 Nominated Member Øyvind Torgersrud Norway
58 Nominated Member Luca Piciullo Norway
59 Nominated Member Mitsu Okamura Japan
60 Nominated Member Takemine Yamada Japan
61 Corresponding Member Susumu Yasuda Japan
62 Corresponding Member Takashi Kiyota Japan
63 Corresponding Member Lin WANG Japan
64 Nominated Member Mayu Tincopa Peru
65 Nominated Member Joan Manuel Larrahondo Colombia
66 Corresponding Member José Antonio Fernández Spain
67 Corresponding Member Dang Minh Su Vietnam
68 Nominated Member Richard Jewell Belgium
69 Nominated Member Sven Knutsson Sweden
70 Nominated Member Ioannis Zevgolis Greece
71 Nominated Member Eoin McGrath Ireland

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