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Ground Property Characterization from In-Situ Tests

Host Member Society: United States

Short name: In-Situ Testing (TC102)

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Recent CPT'22 Conference in Bologna, Italy on June 8-10, 2022

Upcoming 7th international conference on Site Characterization (ISC-7): Barcelona, Spain in June 2024

ISC'5 2016 Proceedings are now available online for free!

ISSMGE is pleased to announce that all papers published in the 5th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterisation (ISC'5) that was held in Queensland, Australia in 2016 are now available through the ISSMGE online library.

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To promote the utilization and improve the interpretation of in-situ: Activities will contributing to enhance geotechnical site characterization, including the determination of soil and rock properties, use of borehole techniques, penetration (and pressuremeter/dilatometer) tests, and s methods, and their variant. Pressuremeters (PMT, SBPT…) and dilatometers (DMT…) are equipments well settled in geotechnical practice in many countries, carrying with them interpretation methodologies and design approaches that should be well disseminate by our committee. All the initiatives coming from members indicated by our MSs, who are well engaged to these in situ tests for ground characterization will be encouraged. The “core”-committee will look for the possibility to invite the “key” colleagues expert on these tests, and who are not included in the members indicated by MSs, to be associated as corresponding members, giving them all the support to disseminate these to our community. Geophysical testing from ground characterization is a novel area in our interests, both as methods well suited to spatial zonation / mapping of subsoil – in surface as in depth, onshore or offshore – but also as very accurate techniques to determine geotechnical parameters – in elastic domain for static modelling, in dynamic analysis from the very low ranges of stress-states conditions, up to failure -, will be sine qua non part of our activities. We would like to express our strong commitment to invite member colleagues who have been doing very important works, both in research, as in industry, to join us in the mission. Notwithstanding the other initiatives that will be encouraged to come for our endorsing, in ISC’5 – see below - there will be a good incidence on this topic.

Interactive communication between TC102 members: To maintain an international website and email network, is as important as holding several meetings, for interactive communication among the TC102 members and geotechnical affiliates to share ideas, information, and technical solutions. The current TC 102 website is: The possibility of migrating this page or the reformat the page to make it more ISSMGE stylish was discussed, since there are committees with different approaches: TC101 with a specific site:; TC103, TC104, TC203, use The possibility of having a new site allocated in one of the available platforms and its development will demand for a budget. The possibility to ask for sponsorship can be considered, while the other can be the inclusion of a fee for this purpose coming from the revenues of the ISCs. Diffusion of new approaches on In Situ testing in TC102 New equipment and interpretation techniques: Stochastic site assessment, geophysics integration; Fiber optic technologies for ground characterization; New Approach of Soil Investigation and Design of Geotechnical Structures using Pressuremeter; etc. International guidelines and standards for in-situ testing To maintain a set of international guidelines and standards for in-situ testing methods for reference on procedures and interpretation; creation of a workgroup for this purpose. Publications in Ground Property Characterization from In-situ Testing To prepare a list of important and relevant publications on the topics of in-situ testing for ground characterization as source and guide to members; creation of a workgroup. Student and Young Members Presidential Group (SYMPG) This group has the following objectives to increase the attractiveness of the ISSMGE for the next generation of geotechnical engineers, it will be considered to organize a special session for Young Geotechnical Members of ISSMGE in the 5th international conference on Site Characterization (ISC-5).

To host and endorse international conferences, symposiums and other events: Conferences, symposiums and other events 3rd IS on CPT in Las Vegas ( CPT’14 was already launched in the last mandate, and was a great success, as proved in the numbers communicated by our chair, Prof. Peter Robertson, during the conference. CPT’14 had 300 participants, from 38 countries, contributing with 110 technical papers. These were published on digital and printed, and are now available in the conference website: 5th international conference on Site Characterization (ISC-5): ISC-5 will be organized in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia, in September 2016 to exchange theoretical, practical, and applied research in the area of in-situ testing and geotechnical site investigation; presentation by our hosts: Richard Kelly, Allan McConnell, Barry Lehane. Allan McConnell has made a detailed presentation with the main points concerning the present situation of the organization and an overview of the matters associated, to be discussed by TC102 committee. ISC5 will include the 7th J. K. MITCHELL LECTURE (2nd in Australasian after Geoshanghai, 2006). The International Symposium "ISP7-PRESSIO 2015”: May 01-02, 2015: The 60th Anniversary of the pressuremeter, “ISP7” will be organized for the first time in Africa, by the Tunisian Association of Soil Mechanics (ATMS) as part of the 16th African Reg. Conf. SMGE (, from April 27 – 30, 2015 in Hammamet, Tunisia. TC102 has been informed of this initiative and is endorsing the initiative. The French members will be contacted to prepare that liaison. Call for abstracts and papers: no later than May 15th 2014, although a postpone will be requested to the organization, in order to allow the members who will be now informed to contribute to the conference (email to: [email protected]). 3rd international conference on the Flat Dilatometer (DMT'15): The Technical Committee TC-102 of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), the Italian Geotechnical Society (AGI) in cooperation with L'Aquila University will be endorsing DMT'15 in Roma (Italy). The will be held June 15-17, 2015 at the “Parco dei Principi” Grand Hotel in Rome (Italy). The call for abstracts is open up to 15 July 2014. More details in and [email protected] C4 To participate in ISSMGE Regional Conferences, with meetings, workshops, etc The 15th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Eng., 09-13 Nov. 2015, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan The Technical Committee TC-102 may be contacted for supporting the session on the topic on in situ testing” (; Richard Kelly and Assaf Klar will be the contact “core-members” for this event, as it organized by their regional board (Australasia); XVI European Conf. Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engin. 13-17 Sept 2015: TC-102 was contacted by the by the chair, Dr Mike Winter to host a meeting, a workshop and/or a seminar (; António Viana da Fonseca and Joek Peuchen will be the contact “core-members” for this event, as it organized by their regional board (Europe). XV Pan-American Conf. Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Eng., 15-18 Nov. 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina The Technical Committee TC-102 may be contacted for supporting the session on the topic of in situ testing (; Roberto Coutinho and Jason De Jong will be the contact “core-members” for this event, as it organized by their regional boards (South and North America). 16th African Reg. Conf. Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engin. 27-30 April 2015, Tunis, Tunisia: The Technical Committee TC-102 may be contacted for supporting the session on the topic of in situ testing (, although the commitment to participate in the satellite conference above referred, ISP7, May 01-02, will already be significant. In the Technical Committee TC-102, António Viana da Fonseca will be the contact “core-member” for this event. and last but not least; the, 19th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (Seoul, 2017): Participation of the TC in the next 19ICSMGE , organized by the Korean Society on SMGE, prospectively as in September, 2017, in Seoul; responsible of organizing the TC102 Session (In Situ Tests for Ground Characterization) and thematic workshops. C5 Interactions with sister Technical Committees TC209 (Offshore Geotechnics); next conference, the 3rd International Symposium on Frontiers in O¬ffshore Geotechnics, is due in Oslo, Norway 10 -12 June 2015 (; Joek Peuchen will be the contact “core-member” for this event TC 101 (Laboratory stress-strain-testing behavior): next conference SIXTH INT. SYMPOSIUM ON DEFORMATION CHARACTERISTICS OF GEOMATERIALS will be organized in Buenos Aires, at Hotel Hilton, Puerto Madero. November 15-18 November 2015 (, together with XV PanAmer.CSMG; António Viana da Fonseca, having been invited to KNL, will be the contact “core-member” for this event 6th Int.Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (6ICEGE): Participation of the Technical Committee TC-102 in the next conference organized by TC203 (Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems),in November 2-4, 2015 (, in Christchurch, New Zealand: session on “In Situ Tests for Liquefaction Analysis” discussed with Prof. Misko Cubrionovski, Univ. Canterbury and chair of 6ICEGE; Richard Kelly will be the contact “core-member” for this event

Diffusion of Ground Characterization importance for Geotechnical Engineering To elaborate documental descriptions of special projects where In Situ Testing for Onshore and Offshore Ground Characterization were used for design purposes or other interventions, that can be included in the ISSMGE bulletin, or others; COMPLEMENTARY or ALTERNATIVELY, to organize webinars on such topics.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Jason DeJong United States
2 Secretary Paola Monaco Italy
3 Nominated by TC Chair Joek Peuchen Netherlands
4 Nominated by TC Chair Heraldo Giacheti Brazil
5 Nominated by TC Chair Serge Varaksin France
6 Nominated by TC Chair Richard Kelly Australia
7 Nominated Member Mayu Tincopa Peru
8 Nominated Member Chih-ping Lin Chinese Taipei
9 Nominated Member Yu Wang Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
10 Corresponding Member Salvatore Grasso Italy
11 Corresponding Member Adrian McCallum Australia
12 Nominated Member Sara Amoroso Italy
13 Corresponding Member Guido Gottardi Italy
14 Nominated Member Laurin Hauser Austria
15 Nominated Member Simon Oberhollenzer Austria
16 Nominated Member Gunnar Nilsson Sweden
17 Corresponding Member Paolo Simonini Italy
18 Corresponding Member Giorgio Pezzetti Italy
19 Nominated Member Laura Tonni Italy
20 Nominated Member james sharp Canada
21 Nominated Member Luisa Dhimitri Albania
22 Corresponding Member Hermann Peiffer Belgium
23 Nominated Member Taeseo Ku Singapore
24 Nominated Member Choong-Ki Chung South Korea
25 Nominated Member JONG-SUB LEE South Korea
26 Nominated Member Koen Haelterman Belgium
27 Corresponding Member Wouter Vervaele Belgium
28 Nominated Member Isabel Lopes Portugal
29 Nominated Member Antonio Viana da Fonseca Portugal
30 Corresponding Member Carlos Rodrigues Portugal
31 Nominated Member Bahram Amini Iran
32 Nominated Member P. Anbazhagan India
33 Corresponding Member Kedar Birid India
34 Nominated Member Andrei Constantin Olteanu Romania
35 Nominated Member Jacques MONNET France
36 Corresponding Member Lou Areias Belgium
37 Corresponding Member Patrick Mengé Belgium
38 Nominated Member Xiaoqiang Gu China
39 Nominated Member Irene Rocchi Denmark
40 Corresponding Member Huayang Lei China
41 Nominated Member Tirawat Boonyatee Thailand
42 Nominated Member Susit Chaiprakaikeow Thailand
43 Nominated Member Peng Kelvin Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
44 Nominated Member An-Bin Huang Chinese Taipei
45 Nominated Member Tien Dung Nguyen Vietnam
46 Nominated Member Denis Kalumba South Africa
47 Nominated Member Gerhard Heymann South Africa
48 Nominated Member Arny Lengkeek Netherlands
49 Nominated Member Paulus P. Rahardjo Indonesia
50 Nominated Member Kaushik Bandyopadhyay India
51 Nominated Member Marcos Arroyo Spain
52 Nominated Member Guojun Cai China
53 Nominated Member Herminia Cano Spain
54 Nominated Member VICTOR ALEJANDRO RINALDI Argentina
55 Nominated Member Emőke Imre Hungary
56 Nominated Member Barry Lehane Australia
57 Nominated Member Paul Mayne United States
58 Nominated Member Allan McConnell Australia
59 Nominated Member Daniel Rom United States
60 Nominated Member Heraldo Giacheti Brazil
61 Nominated Member RENATO ANGELIM Brazil
62 Nominated Member Zbigniew Młynarek Poland
63 Nominated Member Jędrzej Wierzbicki Poland
64 Nominated Member Philippe REIFFSTECK France
65 Nominated Member Yan P. Chandra Indonesia
66 Nominated Member Kristoffer Kåsin Norway
67 Nominated Member Hiroyuki Tanaka Japan
68 Nominated Member Mamoru Mimura Japan
69 Nominated Member Mike Long Ireland
70 Nominated Member John Powell United Kingdom
71 Nominated Member Darren Ward United Kingdom

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