TC101 Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Stress Strain Strength Testing of Geomaterials

To promote co-operation and exchange of information concerning research and developments in advanced laboratory geotechnical testing, including apparatus, techniques, data acquisition and interpretation.



To encourage the application of advanced laboratory testing in research; in integrated site characterisation studies; and in ground modelling.


To explore how advanced testing can be used most constructively in practical geotechnical engineering.


To advance the above aims through collaboration with specialists working in laboratory and field testing, sampling, theoretical and numerical analysis, and in project engineering and full scale observation. This will involve close liaison with other ISSMGE Technical Committees.


# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Matthew Richard Coop United Kingdom
2 Vice Chair Erdin Ibraim United Kingdom
3 Secretary Satoshi Nishimura Japan
4 Nominated by TC Chair Lyesse Laloui Switzerland
5 Nominated by TC Chair Junichi Koseki Japan
6 Nominated by TC Chair Richard Jardine United Kingdom
7 Nominated Member Abdullah Ekinci Cyprus
8 Nominated Member VICTOR ALEJANDRO RINALDI Argentina
9 Nominated Member Tácio Mauro Pereira de Campos Brazil
10 Nominated Member Prof.Robinson R G India
11 Nominated Member D.K. Baidya India
12 Nominated Member Vasiliki Georgiannou Greece
13 Nominated Member Hoe Ling United States
14 Corresponding Member Antonio Viana da Fonseca Portugal
15 Nominated Member Jan Boháč Czech & Slovak Republics
16 Nominated Member Vladislava Kostkanová Czech & Slovak Republics
17 Nominated Member Tim Carrington United Kingdom
18 Nominated Member Apollonia Gasparre United Kingdom
19 Nominated Member Sölve Hov Sweden
20 Corresponding Member Giuseppe Lanzo Italy
21 Nominated Member Jorge Abraham Díaz Rodríguez Mexico
22 Nominated Member Alessio Ferrari Switzerland
23 Nominated Member Choong-Ki Chung South Korea
24 Nominated Member Paolo Carrubba Italy
25 Nominated Member Anna D'Onofrio Italy
26 Nominated Member Gert Greeuw Netherlands
27 Corresponding Member TEJAS G. MURTHY India
28 Nominated Member Dong-Soo Kim South Korea
29 Corresponding Member Ozer Cinicioglu Turkey
30 Corresponding Member Kartal Toker Turkey
31 Nominated Member Alojzy Szymański Poland
32 Nominated Member José Estaire Spain
33 Nominated Member Antonio LLoret Spain
34 Corresponding Member António Gomes Correia Portugal
35 Nominated Member Cristiana Ferreira Portugal
36 Nominated Member Luís Leal Lemos Portugal
37 Nominated Member Taeseo Ku Singapore
38 Nominated Member Thomas Brandon United States
39 Nominated Member Maosong Huang China
40 Nominated Member Reiko Kuwano Japan
41 Nominated Member Mirosław Lipiński Poland
42 Nominated Member Rune Dyvik Norway
43 Nominated Member Chung Philip Hong Kong
44 Nominated Member Seyed Mohsen Haeri Iran
45 Nominated Member Hervé DiBENEDETTO France
46 Nominated Member Erza Rismantojo Indonesia
47 Nominated Member David Airey Australia
48 Corresponding Member Gauthier Van Alboom Belgium
49 Nominated Member An Baertsoen Belgium
50 Nominated Member Daniel R. Verastegui Belgium
51 Nominated Member fardin jafarzadeh Iran
52 Nominated Member Sadik Oztoprak Turkey
53 Nominated Member Martin Holmén Sweden
54 Nominated Member Yangping Yao China

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Host Member Societies: Japan, Switzerland and UK
Short name: Laboratory Testing (TC101)

TC101 Past Events:

Wave Propagatio​n and Soil Stiffness: Particle-C​ontinuum Duality Workshop
20-21 March 2014, Bristol, UK

Sixth International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Soils, IS-Buenos Aires
15-18 November 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Workshop: Advances in Laboratory Testing & Modelling of Soils and Shales, Swiss Alps, 18-20 January 2017

TC101 Future Events:
7th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials (ISDCG), Wednesday 26 June - Friday 28 June 2019Glasgow, UK. Location: Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) of the University of Strathclyde

Contact Technical Committee : Laboratory Stress Strain Strength Testing of Geomaterials