TC107 Lateritic Soils

Laterites and Lateritic Soils

  • To disseminate knowledge and practice in laterite and lateritic soils to members of ISSMGE
  • Organize speciality Conferences, symposia and workshops
  • Encourage preparation of keynote lectures, state of the art lectures, new technologies, general reports for ISSMGE International conferences, Regional Conferences, Local (member society) Conferences.
  • To develop other innovative ways to encourage broad participation of ISSMGE individual members in the activities of TC-107

  • To establish guidelines and technical recommendations for laterite and lateritic soils
  • To identify and assemble any available codes, standards, guidelines
  • To identify those that need to be translated and arrange for translations to English
  • To prepare overviews of these standards, codes, and guidelines
  • To point out the similarities and differences among the different codes, standards and guidelines and implications of using each of them
  • To make guidelines and recommendations in laterites and lateritic soils for practice

  • To assist with the technical programmes of ISSMGE at international and regional conferences
  • To liase with organizers of International and Regional Conferences to identify what TC - 07 can do
  • To promote the presentation of findings in laterite and lateritic soils in the main and discussion sessions
  • To find other innovative ways of projecting TC 107 and its work

  • To interact with industry and overlapping organizations working in the area of laterite and lateritic soils
  • Identify and create a database of organizations and institutions working in the area of laterites and lateritic soils
  • Create a database of organizations whose work involve laterite and lateritic soils
  • Interact with these organizations to identify how to respond to their needs

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair SAMUEL I.K. (Prof) AMPADU Ghana
2 Secretary Kabeya Kany South Africa
3 Nominated by TC Chair Ahmed Elsharief Sudan
4 Nominated by TC Chair Etienne Marcelin Kana CTGA
5 Nominated Member Giovanni Gulla` Italy
6 Nominated Member Alessandra Nocilla Italy
7 Nominated Member Deneys Schreiner United Kingdom
8 Nominated Member Joshua Omer United Kingdom
9 Nominated Member Philippe REIFFSTECK France
10 Nominated Member MARCOS FUTAI Brazil
11 Nominated Member R. Shiva Shankar India
12 Nominated Member Purnanand Savoikar India
13 Nominated Member LUCIANO DÉCOURT Brazil
14 Nominated Member Anthony Leung Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
15 Nominated Member Jean-Michel Baryla United States
16 Corresponding Member Jaya Mohan India
17 Nominated Member Joseph Kwesi Mfarfo Oddei Ghana

Draft Proposal for Establishment of Honour Lecture

This document is the first draft of proposals for the establishment of honour lecture to be submitted by TC 107 to the ISSMGE President. 

TC 107 Members are requested to study the document and send feedback to the TC Chair by separate mail

SoA Strength and Compressibility of Laterites and lateritic soils

This document is a draft of the state of the art of strength and compressibility of laterites and lateritic soils. It is being circulated for discussion, Courtesy of Task Force No. 3

Draft SoA -Characterising Laterites and Lateritic Soils

This document is the output of Task Force 1 that worked on characterising laterites and lateritic soils.

The document sought to answer two questions:

To what extent can the conventional approaches that have successfully been used to characterize temperate sedimentary soils

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Pre Conference Workshop on Laterites and Lateritic Soils

Proceedings of a workshop held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on laterites and lateritic soils. The generous support of Prof Charles Ng is greatly acknowledged.

Symposium on Laterites and Lateritic soils- Goa India

20-21 Sept 2019- Symposium on Laterites and Lateritic soils-Goa india

For details contact

Prof. Purnanand P. Savoikar 

Civil Engineering at 

Goa Engineering College,

 Farmagudi, Ponda, Goa 403 4021 India.  


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TC 107 Course

A Joint TC 106/TC 107 Course is planned for Monday 7th October, at the ISSMGE African Regional Conference in Cape Town.

Speakers and Tentative Content

  • Prof David Toll: Introduction to basic principles, suction measurement, soil water retention behaviour, shear stren

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Host Member Society: Ghana

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