TC107 Lateritic Soils

Laterites and Lateritic Soils

  • To disseminate knowledge and practice in laterite and lateritic soils to members of ISSMGE
  • Organize speciality Conferences, symposia and workshops
  • Encourage preparation of keynote lectures, state of the art lectures, new technologies, general reports for ISSMGE International conferences, Regional Conferences, Local (member society) Conferences.
  • To develop other innovative ways to encourage broad participation of ISSMGE individual members in the activities of TC-107

  • To establish guidelines and technical recommendations for laterite and lateritic soils
  • To identify and assemble any available codes, standards, guidelines
  • To identify those that need to be translated and arrange for translations to English
  • To prepare overviews of these standards, codes, and guidelines
  • To point out the similarities and differences among the different codes, standards and guidelines and implications of using each of them
  • To make guidelines and recommendations in laterites and lateritic soils for practice

  • To assist with the technical programmes of ISSMGE at international and regional conferences
  • To liase with organizers of International and Regional Conferences to identify what TC - 07 can do
  • To promote the presentation of findings in laterite and lateritic soils in the main and discussion sessions
  • To find other innovative ways of projecting TC 107 and its work

  • To interact with industry and overlapping organizations working in the area of laterite and lateritic soils
  • Identify and create a database of organizations and institutions working in the area of laterites and lateritic soils
  • Create a database of organizations whose work involve laterite and lateritic soils
  • Interact with these organizations to identify how to respond to their needs

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair SAMUEL I.K. (Prof) AMPADU Ghana
2 Secretary Kabeya Kany South Africa
3 Nominated by TC Chair Ahmed Elsharief Sudan
4 Nominated by TC Chair Etienne Marcelin Kana CTGA
5 Nominated Member Giovanni Gulla` Italy
6 Nominated Member Alessandra Nocilla Italy
7 Nominated Member Deneys Schreiner United Kingdom
8 Nominated Member Joshua Omer United Kingdom
9 Nominated Member Philippe REIFFSTECK France
10 Nominated Member Matthew Richard Coop Hong Kong
11 Nominated Member Charles Ng Hong Kong
12 Nominated Member Jean-Michel Baryla United States
13 Nominated Member Joseph Kwesi Mfarfo Oddei Ghana

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Host Member Society: Ghana

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