TC104 Physical Modelling

Physical Modelling in Geotechnics

To disseminate and develop knowledge and practice within the area of physical modelling in geotechnical engineering by establishing working groups to:

  • Promote the sharing of resources for teaching that uses physical modelling
  • Develop standardised and sustainable equipment and sensors for physical modelling
  • Produce a newsletter for general dissemination and communication on physical modelling

To ensure that the outcomes of the working groups above are captured and disseminated via guidelines and technical recommendations.

To promote, coordinate and provide advice and support to hosts of regional conferences, Asiafuge and Eurofuge, as well as the quadrennial international TC104 conference.

To establish a working group to promote the use of geotechnical physical modelling in engineering practice with potential activities including case studies, mini lectures and online resources.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Dong-Soo Kim South Korea
2 Vice Chair David White United Kingdom
3 Secretary Nam-Ryong Kim South Korea
4 Nominated by TC Chair Tae-Hyuk Kwon South Korea
5 Nominated by TC Chair Xianfeng Ma China
6 Nominated Member DongSoon Park South Korea
7 Nominated Member Orianne JENCK France
8 Nominated Member Jan Laue Sweden
9 Nominated Member Varvara Zania Denmark
10 Nominated Member Vincenzo Fioravante Italy
11 Nominated Member Emilio Bilotta Italy
12 Nominated Member Wei Wu Austria
13 Nominated Member paul Schaminee Netherlands
14 Nominated Member Adam Bezuijen Netherlands
15 Nominated Member Jonathan Black United Kingdom
16 Nominated Member Jonathan Knappett United Kingdom
17 Nominated Member Cristina Tsuha Brazil
18 Nominated Member Debarghya Chakraborty India
19 Corresponding Member Andrew McNamara United Kingdom
20 Corresponding Member Andy Take Canada
21 Nominated Member José Estaire Spain
22 Corresponding Member Rasmus Tofte Klinkvort Denmark
23 Nominated Member Chia-Han Chen Chinese Taipei
24 Corresponding Member Matthieu BLANC France
25 Nominated Member Youseok Kim South Korea
26 Corresponding Member Fernando Saboya Brazil
27 Nominated Member Viroon Kamchoom Thailand
28 Corresponding Member Bin Zhu China
29 Corresponding Member Ming Xu China
30 Corresponding Member Bruce Kutter United States
31 Nominated Member Miguel Angel Cabrera Colombia
32 Corresponding Member Amin Askarinejad Netherlands
33 Corresponding Member Heon-Joon PARK South Korea
34 Corresponding Member Sam Divall United Kingdom
35 Nominated Member B.V.S. Viswanadham India
36 Nominated Member Ioannis Anastasopoulos Greece
37 Nominated Member Paulo Coelho Portugal
38 Nominated Member João Portugal Portugal
39 Nominated Member Chun Fai Leung Singapore
40 Nominated Member Dominic Ek Leong Ong Malaysia
41 Nominated Member Limin Zhang Hong Kong
42 Nominated Member Johnny Cheuk Hong Kong
43 Nominated Member Shideh Dashti United States
44 Nominated Member Daniel Wilson United States
45 Nominated Member Wen- Yi Hung Chinese Taipei
46 Nominated Member Siau Chen Chian Singapore
47 Corresponding Member Osamu Kusakabe Japan
48 Nominated Member Tetsuo Tobita Japan
49 Nominated Member Jiro Takemura Japan
50 Nominated Member Yujing Hou China
51 Nominated Member Diethard König Germany
52 Nominated Member Frank Rackwitz Germany
53 Nominated Member Petr Koudelka Czech & Slovak Republics
54 Nominated Member fardin jafarzadeh Iran
55 Nominated Member Luc THOREL France
56 Nominated Member SW Jacobsz South Africa
57 Nominated Member MÁRCIO ALMEIDA Brazil
58 Nominated Member Christophe Gaudin Australia
59 Nominated Member Mustafa Koc Turkey
60 Nominated Member Berrak Teymur Turkey
61 Nominated Member Ryan Phillips Canada
62 Nominated Member Abbas Ghalandarzadeh Iran
63 Nominated Member Jelke Dijkstra Sweden
64 Nominated Member A.A. ZAYTSEV Russia
65 Nominated Member V.V. VINOGRADOV Russia
66 Corresponding Member Yanguo Zhou China
67 Nominated Member Zhengyin Cai China

A New Western Geo-Centrifuge Opening Symposium 2019

Western University in Canada is having an official opening and international symposium to celebrate the commissioning of a new state-of-the-art Western Geotechnical Centrifuge (2.2m drum type centrifuge). The event will take place in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engi

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Successful OSIG GEOFORUM, Dec. 4. 2018

“Monopile design through centrifuge technology” themed OSIG Evening Geoforum was held on the 4th of December 2018 at the canteen of Ørsted in London, UK. This event is a part of the benchmark test program, which aims to increase the knowledge about centrifuge m

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GEOFORUM: Monopile design through centrifuge technology

GEOFORUM: Monopile design through centrifuge technology

Date:  4th of December, 2018    

Address: Canteen of Ørsted -   Howick Pl, Westminster, London SW P  WG, UK


Scaled modelling in a geotechnical centrifuge is an effective way

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ICPMG 2022 in Daejeon, Korea

ICPMG 2022 in Daejeon, Korea

Dear TC104 in ISSMGE members, 

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) are very pleased to submit a proposal to host the 10th International Conference on Physical Modelling

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A New Website launching, ISSMGE TC104 Physical Modeling

Honorable Members of the ISSMGE and TC104 colleagues,

On behalf of the ISSMGE TC104, I am pleased to welcome you all to this newly launched website.

This website will be about bridging the gaps between past and future, betw

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Host Member Society: South Korea

Short name: Physical Modelling (TC104)

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