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Preservation of Historic Sites

Organization of Symposia and workshops with the aim to exchange and compare experiences and to collect case histories. Two international symposia were already organized in Naples in 1996 and 2013. A special volume titled "Geotechnics and Heritage" was also published in 2013, containing invited lectures related to exemplary case records. The first J. Kerisel Special Lecture was successfull delivered by prof. Giovanni Calabresi during the 2013 ICSMGEin Paris . The second Kerisel Lecture was successfully delivered by prof. Carlo Viggiani in occasion of the 2017 Seoul ICSMGE. In 2015, two special issues of the Rivista Italiana di Geotecnica (Italian Geotechnical Journal) have been promoted with the aim of collecting additional case histories. A workshop has been planned during the ECSMGE in Edinburgh and during the ICSMGE in Seoul.

By considering that each monuments is a "unicum" and taking into account the concept of "integrity" it is rather difficult to apply approaches based on guidelines to the preservation of monuments. Therefore the effort is devoted to

  • framing of the special requirements and constraints to be considered in any rehabilitation intervention on Monuments in order to preserve their of cultural and historical integrity;
  • geotechnical methodologies suitable for the interventions on Monuments and Historic sites.

The Second Kerisel Special Lecture was successfully devivered by prof. Carlo Viggiani at the 2017 Seoul ICSMGE.

We recently published a volume on Historic Towers.

In addition, we recognized that one of the most important problems facing modern civilization is the conservation of historic sites, i.e. the diffuse heritage at the scale of cities or even more big cities.  Here again it is difficult to set guidelines or recommendations, but it is possible to collect case records showing the nature of problems arising from requirements of future development and the preservation of historic sites. Some important examples could be provided by the construction of underground transportation lines. Other are related to subsidence, both natural or induced by human activities. Diffuse cultural heritage has been recently lost during earthquakes events and slope stability poses special problems to the preservation of historic sites. One of the tasks of the next term could then be the publication of a third volume (after the one of 2013 on Geotechnics and Heritage and the one of 2017 on Historic Towers) dedicated to the problem of preservation at a larger scale.

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