TC305 Megacities

Geotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals

Host Member Society: Kazakhstan
Short name:  Megacities  (TC305) - Terms of Reference - to be approved

GeoWorld GroupGeotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals (TC305)

Results of the 20th International Geotechnical Conference in Sydney (Australia)

May 1-5, 2022 hosted the 20th International Geotechnical Conference in Sydney (Australia). 1338 participants took part in the work of this international scientific forum, including 503 in online mode and 836 in offline mode from 76 countries of the world. On May 4 in Sydney (Aust

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                                                                October 2017 December 2021

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held by online:

2nd May 2020



TC-305 members

Askar Zhussupbekov




Der-Wen Chang


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The historic victory of Kazakhstan Geotechnics at the 16th Asian Regional Geotechnical Conference in Taipei (Taiwan)

The teaching staff of Architecture and Civil Engineering Faculty, Design of Buildings and Structures Department  Professor A..Zhussupbekov, Associate Professor N. Alibekova, Senior Lecturer A.Omarov, Associate Professor A.Tulebekova, PhD students I.Zhumadilov, B.Abdrakhmanov

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Final report of the First ENU-INU Forum between L.N. Gumilyov ENU and Incheon National University (South Korea)

The first forum between the Incheon National University (INU) and the LN Gumilyov ENU was held at the LN Gumilyov ENU (ENU). L.N.Gumilev “The first ENU-INU forum” on the development of the geotechnical infrastructure of megacities and the new capitals TS305 (ISSMGE) o

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International Geotechnical Mini-Symposium at the University of Delaware (U.S.A.)

On 22 March 2019, an international geotechnical mini-symposium was held at the University of Delaware (U.S.A.) in conjunction with TC 305 “Geotechnical Infrastructure of Mega-Cities and New Capitals”. The mini-symposium was moderated by Professor Victor N. Kaliakin (D

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Summary of the Second KGS-CTGS Geotechnical Seminar on TC305 of the ISSMGE


The Second KGS-CTGS Geotechnical Seminar on TC 305 Geotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals of the ISSMGE was held in Astana, Almaty, Kazakhstan, on August, 3-6, 2018.
The First Taiwan-Kazakhstan Geotechnical Engineering Seminar was he

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Summary of the First ENU-HIT Scientific Forum on TC305 of the ISSMGE

We are pleased to share a summary of the First ENU-HIT Scientific forum on TC 305 Geotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals which was held in Astana, Kazakhstan, 14-16 June, 2018 and  in Almaty (the largest city in Kazakhstan) 17-19 June, 2018.

Overall o

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TC305 2018 Activities


Name of Event

Contact Persons & e-mails

Date and venue


The Second GI-KGS Geotechnical Engineering Workshop on “Geotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals

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TC305 Workshop at 19ICSMGE

Technical Committee TC305 - Geotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals
Schedule / Location Sep. 20, 11:00~12:30 / Hall E3
Chair Person Askar Zhussupbekov, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

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Disseminate knowledge and practice on design and practice of geotechnical technologies at megacities and new capitals to the members of ISSMGE.

FACTS: TC305 has fulfilled this mission by sharing the results of relevant research work and technologies through the Symposium, Workshop and Discussion Session at the occasions of many international events. A good example can be found as the Minute Report of TC305 Workshop at 2017 ICSMGE (see attached). A number of renowned scholars were invited to demonstrate their remarkable geo-technic experiences and shared with the audience. Such materials can be found in following website

Establish guidelines and technical recommendations on design and practice of geotechnical technologies at megacities and new capitals.

FACTS: Due to limited resources and wide spectrum of the possible subjects, this mission has not been done very much. It needs further discussions.

Assist with technical programs of international and regional conferences organized by ISSMGE to present the impact of relevant technologies.

FACTS: TC305 has done tremendous job on mission 3. The record is listed as follows,

September 17-22, 2017, 19ICSMGE, Seoul, September, TC305 Workshop and Discussion Session

August 2-3, 2018, KGS-CTGS Joint Symposium, Astana, Kazakhstan, hosted by TC305

September 1-6, 2019, ECSMGE, Reykjavik , Iceland, TC305 Discussion Session

October 13-17, 2019, 16ARC, Taipei, Taiwan, TC305 Discussion Session

Interact with industry and other organizations working on design and practice of geotechnical technologies at megacities and new capitals.

FACTS: TC 305 has good connection with industrial sectors (design and construction) such as geotechnical companies: Bauer, SoilMec, Keller, Marchetti Ltd., Controls Ltd, KGS, Ltd ,Gikken, Ltd , Karaganda GIIZ, Ltd and other industrial organization like as Contractors: CCC, Ltd, Sembol, Ltd, Bazis –A, Alsim –Alarco Ltd, Arabtec, Ltd, Mensoy, Ltd.

We invited and will invite as usually the representatives with lectures to TC 305 sessions or conferences in ARCERC and ISSMGE level conferences as well. The interaction is important for academia and practitioners and also some time for sponsorship supporting of our events.

# Type Full Name Country
1 Chair Askar Zhussupbekov Kazakhstan
2 Vice Chair Hoe Ling United States
3 Secretary Der-Wen Chang Chinese Taipei
4 Nominated Member Sebastiano Rampello Italy
5 Nominated Member V.A. ILYICHEV Russia
6 Nominated Member Sanjay Nimbalkar Australia
7 Nominated Member Bing Dai Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
8 Nominated Member Dipanjan Basu United States
9 Nominated Member Helen Reeves United Kingdom
10 Corresponding Member ANA VIEIRA Portugal
11 Corresponding Member Naotaka Kikkawa Japan
12 Nominated Member Subhadeep Banerjee India
13 Corresponding Member Anil Joseph India
14 Corresponding Member R. AYOTHIRAMAN India
15 Nominated Member Tadashi Hashimoto Japan
16 Nominated Member Kazuhito Komiya Japan
17 Nominated Member Renpeng Chen China
18 Nominated Member Rasin Düzceer Turkey
19 Nominated Member Ayfer Erken Turkey
20 Nominated Member Sónia Hortência Portugal
21 Nominated Member Isabel Moitinho de Almeida Portugal
22 Corresponding Member Assel Sarsembayeva Kazakhstan
23 Nominated Member Saeed Heidari Iran
24 Nominated Member Gisleine Campos Brazil
25 Nominated Member Andre Assis Brazil
26 Nominated Member Nikolaos Klimis Greece
27 Nominated Member Alexandros Petalas Greece
28 Nominated Member Patrick Ganne Belgium
29 Corresponding Member Haitao Yu China
30 Corresponding Member Huaiping Feng China
31 Nominated Member Adbulla Omarov Kazakhstan
32 Nominated Member Dongsheng Xu China
33 Nominated Member Assel Tulebekova Kazakhstan
34 Nominated Member A. Boominathan India
35 Nominated Member Rolf Katzenbach Germany
36 Nominated Member Yung-Yen Ko Chinese Taipei
37 Nominated Member Bin-Chen Benson Hsiung Chinese Taipei
38 Nominated Member Eugeniusz Dembicki Poland
39 Nominated Member Fabrice EMERIAULT France
40 Nominated Member Rafael Salado Spain
41 Nominated Member Luljeta Bozo Albania
42 Nominated Member Skënder Allkja Albania
43 Nominated Member Masyhur Irsyam Indonesia
44 Nominated Member Massimo Ramondini Italy

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