Plenary Forum Session on Promoting Innovation in Geotechnical Engineering during the 18th ICSMGE in Paris 2013

On Tuesday September 3rd 2013, a plenary forum session on Innovation in Geotechnical Engineering was held. The sessions focus was on the role of innovation to the future of the profession with the intent to discuss strategies to promote innovation in the geo-Profession. 

The session lasted from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The session started with introductory notes by the Session Chair, Dr. Zekkos, and was followed by 8-min presentations by selected invited speakers. Dr. Borel represented the geotechnical construction industry, Mr. Pathamnandavel, the consulting industry, Dr. Springman the Academia and Dr. Briaud, the Academia and his experiences as a leader in various geotechnical organizations.  Invited speakers were requested to address:

What are the Barriers for geo-Innovation? How do we overcome them?

What are the Opportunities for geo-Innovation? Do you see specific areas representing a great opportunity for innovation and the future of the Profession?

What are the strategies to promote geo-innovation at the research, practice or education?

The presentations were followed by lively discussions from the floor. This webpage makes available the presentations made by the speakers.


Dimitrios Zekkos, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, & Managing Director of, USA - Presentation

Michael Lisyuk, Director for Development, NPO "Georeconstruction", Russia 


Serge Borel, Technical and Plant Director, Soletanche Banchy, France- Presentation

Sukumar Pathmanandavel, Group Executive Geotechnics, Coffey Associates, Australia- Presentation

Sarah Springman, Professor, ETH Zurich- Presentation
Jean Louis Briaud, Professor, Texas A&M University & President of ISSMGE - PresentationVideo

First Victor de Mello Lecture

Please click on the link below to read the First Victor de Mello Lecture: "Reflections on Victor de Mello, Friend, Engineer and Philosopher", by Professor John Burland (Soils and Rocks, Vol. 31, No 3)

First Victor De Mello Lecture

Messages for the Geotechnical Community

The following messages were developed to promote the understanding understanding of the role and importance of geotechnical engineers in society.