Soil Characterisation

Speaker Title Summary Duration
Cor Zwanenburg (The Netherlands) Geotechnical aspects of peats Engineering problems related to peats are introduced. The characterisation and classification of peat soils is proposed through Illustrative field cases. Focus is also made on field-testing to measure the permeability, stiffness and strength of peat soils. 65 min Click to view
Samuel Kofi Ampadu (Ghana) Laterites and lateritic soil and the potential use of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer An update is given about laterites and lateritic soils having peculiar properties that need further studies. Then, the dynamic cone penetrometer is introduced as a cost-effective tool of investigation for construction, quality control and planning for design of various infrastructure in low income countries. 54 min Click to view
Gabriel Auvinet (Mexico) Geotechnical Challenges in Mexico City Clay The origin and formation in lacustrine environment of Mexico City clay is detailed. Challenging characterisation of Mexico City clay, extending to big depths, is marked by very high compressibility and low shear strength. The design of piles for high-rise buildings and the construction of tunnels in Mexico City subjected to seismic conditions is analysed from documented case studies. 42 min Click to view
Serge Leroueil (Canada) Compressibility and Consolidation of Clays: From Lab to Field Conditions The determination of consolidation parameters of clays is carefully analysed from oedometer test and in-situ test results. The importance of those parameters is illustrated both for the predictions of settlement and rate of consolidation by analysing seven Canadian clayey soils. Practical conclusions are formulated to avoid unsuitable consolidation parameters leading to unrealistic estimations. 60 min Click to view
Richard Jardine (UK) Advanced laboratory testing to characterise stiff, geologically aged clays The main objectives are to establish the detailed mechanical behaviour of stiff, high over consolidated Eocene to Jurassic London “Mudrocks”. This special category comprises London clay, Gault clay, Kimmeridge clay and Oxford clay. An overview is given about the set-up and use of advanced laboratory testing tools, which enabled suitable geotechnical characterisation of aged clays. 62 min Click to view