DFI Deep Mixing Conference 2021 An Online Conference

DFI Deep Mixing Conference 2021 An Online Conference


Deep mixing industry leaders are pleased to present this 7th deep mixing conference showcasing advances in the use and performance of deep mixing internationally.  For 25 years, this conference series has been a forum for global exchange of important advances in materials, equipment, process control, design, research, and project delivery mechanisms.

Deep Mixing 2021 will be presented in an all-online workshop format focused on the latest technical findings and trends and future deep mixing industry challenges.  This legacy event is aimed at capturing the state-of-the-practice of all aspects of deep mixing technology and execution.

Topics include deep mixing and mass mixing by mechanical means with and without fluid energy (hybrid mixing).  Each day of the conference will be presented in a workshop format including keynote lectures, featured presentations, research and detailed discussion on specific aspect of the industry:

  • State of the Practice Internationally and Lessons Learned
  • Material Properties
  • Field Performance
  • Design Analyses
  • Liquefaction Mitigation
  • Environmental Soil Mixing

The keynote lectures by invited renowned international deep mixing specialists will highlight international practices and lessons learned, design and contracting strategies, recent research, earth retention and liquefaction mitigation methods, and environmental considerations.

Workshop chairs will lead overview presentations on the technical paper content in each topic to allow attendees to grasp the main findings of the proceedings and their impact on deep mixing practice.  Recorded presentations of the more than 100 technical paper contributions will be available on-demand in the conference online system.  Structured discussion will highlight the main trends and topics and suggest future work and focus areas. 

Join us to learn from global industry deep mixing specialists to meet the challenges of the future.


Deep Foundations Institute

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  • Contact person: Angie Gibble
  • Address: 326 Lafayette Ave
  • Phone: 9734234030
  • Email: agibble@dfi.org





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