Energy Geotechnics: Mechanics of the energy transition

Energy Geotechnics: Mechanics of the energy transition


The energy transition is one of the most important challenges facing Dutch society in the coming decades. The recently presented climate agreement has underlined this once again. Where the subsurface has always played an important role in the energy supply, it will be equally important to make the transition possible.

To further define the role of Geotechnics in the energy transition, the symposium "Energy Geotechnics: Mechanics of the energy transition" will take place on Thursday October 3, 2019 in the Science Centre of Delft University of Technology. The initiative for the symposium was taken to give science and practice the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on this subject. The focus is on the geotechnical and geomechanical aspects of the production, distribution and storage of renewable energy. The organisation of the symposium is supported by the KIVI Geotechnical Chapter and TC308 of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE).

There are7 parallel sessions focusing on specific technical fields In addition, three top keynote speakers have been invited to the symposium:

  • Remco de Boer (energy researcher, journalist and speaker, known from a.o. podcast Studio Energy, Het Financieele Dagblad and BNR newsradio) - Energy geotechnics and the energy transition
  • Dave Potts (Professor, Imperial College London) - Thermo mechanical geotechnical engineering
  • Stefan Baisch (Managing Director, Q-con) - Induced seismicity in geothermal energy projects

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For questions do not hesitate to contact the organising committee:

ir. Jacco Haasnoot, CRUX Engineering                                   [email protected]

Dr. Ir. Siefko Slob, Cohere Consult                                         [email protected] David Smeulders, TU Eindhoven                         [email protected]

Dr.Ir. Phil Vardon, TU Delft                                                      [email protected]




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Additional Information

This symposium has been organised under the auspices of the ISSMGE Technical Committee TC308 and Kivi Geotechnics.