Geotechnical Challenges in Karst

Geotechnical Challenges in Karst


Karst poses special challenges to engineers in a significant part of Croatia, Europe and World and we dedicate this conference primarily to the karst, although articles on other topics in geology, geotechnics, geotechnical engineering etc. are also welcome. We will highlight the first contributions of great Karl Terzaghi, who started his rich career in the Croatian karst, in Gacko polje, with lecture KARL TERZAGHI AND CROATIAN KARST 110 YEARS AGO. The topic of the congress has arisen from a whole range of new life requirements. Let's just mention some. By spreading the settlements at the bottom of the high cliffs, there is a need for a high-quality protection against the rockfalls. Because of the need to build garages in urban areas, and to save valuable resources on the surface for other purposes, the coastal towns descend underground into the area of the karst. The construction of the foundations of large bridges and viaducts in the coastal zone creates a challenge in the transfer of concentrated loads into karst characterized by a number of weaknesses (karst sinkholes, caverns, ...). The need for the construction of high speed roads in the coastal zone of the Republic of Croatia implicates excavations of long tunnels, which again is threat in the karst area.


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