Le Comité Transnational des Géotechniciens d'Afrique


Trans-national Committee of African Geotechnical Engineers (C. T. G. A.)

The CTGA was created in 1996. It aims at bringing together all the geotechnical engineers from the African countries and the countries laying aside the Indian Ocean who ask for membership, either individually or as a Corporation (engineering firms, laboratories, soil survey companies, contractors, public organisations). On a routine basis, CTGA does not accept members from African Countries where an ISSMGE National Member Society is already in existence. Yet, the CTGA may welcome geotechnical engineers and corporate members from other parts of the world, who whish to share their experience.

The Trans-national Committee of African Geotechnical Engineers (CTGA) and the African Association of the Laboratories for the Building Industry and Public Works (ALBTP) share the task of promoting exchanges in the fields of scientific research and feedback experience in Civil Engineering projects at the regional level. This pan-African co-operation of laboratories reinforces the qualification of the professionals in this field and thus contributes to the success of the civil engineering sector in each country and to the development of the basic infrastructures of Africa.

The aims of CTGA are therefore:

  • to maintain and develop friendly and cultural relationships between the members;
  • to support and encourage scientific and technical exchange;
  • to promote research work in the fields directly or indirectly related to geotechnical engineering, i.e. soil mechanics, rock mechanics, engineering geology, design and construction of foundations and tunnels, impact studies of human activities on the environment.

The CTGA achieves its goals by:

  • organizing,  during its annual general meeting, technical colloquium, coupled with sessions of continuing education . These meetings take place each year in a different country. They have been named: “African geotechnical days». The last edition of those meeting took place in:
  • :
  • Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast) in February 2010, under the general theme :

« Case histories on road stabilization of soils and buildings foundations studies in Africa ».

  •  Bujumbura (Burundi) in March 2011, under the general theme :

« The soil instability and their impact on civil engineering constructions»

  • Kribi (Cameroon) in June 2012, under the general theme :

« African Infrastructures for the new millennium »

  •  Brazzaville (Congo) in May 2013, under the general theme :

« Geotechnical engineering and the challenge of great civil engineering works in Africa »

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Burkina Faso in 2014.

In these technical meetings, international experts are called upon ;

  • actively participating in the African Regional and international Conferences of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). The 14th African Conference, held in Yaoundé in November 2007, was organized by the CTGA.

The CTGA is affiliated to the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). Each member of the CTGA is a member of ISSMGE.


(CTGA) Comité Transnational des Géotechniciens d'Afrique
5, rue Monseigneur Graffin 
B.P. 20369 Yaoundé 

Tel: +237 97 18 99 23

President: Prof. Ibrahima Khalil Cisse (Senegal) ikcisse2002@yahoo.fr
Secretary General: M.Pondy Jean (Cameroon) pondy.jean@gmail.com

Website: Comité Transnational des Géotechniciens d'Afrique (CTGA)

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