Kazakhstan Geotechnical Society

Kazakhstan Geotechnical Society,
Prospect Republic, 5-9 ,
Temirtau City, 

Tel: +7-7172-353740
Fax: +7-7172-344796

Email: [email protected]

President: Professor A.Z. Zhussupbekov 
Secretary: MSc. Bibigul Abdrakhmanova

The History

Date the Society was started: July 1995

Names of the Presidents and other officers:
Professor ZHUSSUPBEKOV Askar is President of Kazakh Geotechnical Society (“KGS”) from July 1995 to present time.
Dr. Baytasov Talgat is general secretary of KGS.
Mr. Saparbek Erlan is technical coordinator of KGS.
Ms. Seraj Zhanna is technical secretary of KGS.
Professor Bakenov Bahidjan is first vice-president of KGS.
Mr. Zhakulin Adil is chairman of KGS of International Affairs Department.
Professor Aitaliev Sh. M. is chairman of National Affairs Department.

Number of Members at the start and at present:
at the start is 18 persons,
at present is 24 persons. 

List and dates of Regional Meetings and Conference:

1997 (May) – The Frst Kazakhstan Geotechnical Conference with foreign participants (Akmola, Kazakhstan)

2000 (May) – The First Central Asian Geotechnical Symposium (Astana, new capital of Kazakhstan)

2001 (13 October) – The Kazakh-Germany Geotechnical Seminar (Astana, new capital of Kazakhstan)

2001 (2-3 August) – The Kazakh-Japan Geotechnical Seminar (Astana, new capital of Kazakhstan)

2002 (27-29 May) – International Coastal Geotechnical Conference (Atyrau, West Kazakhstan)

2003 (May) – International Geotechnical Symposium on Geotechnical and Construction problems on complicated soil ground of Karachaganak gasocondensate field (Aksay, West Kazakhstan)

List of Outstanding Achievements and personalities:
Professor Zhusupbekov Askar was awarded at medal from International Bibliography Center Cambridge University,England) as outstanding person on geotechnical area at the 2000 century (June, 2000)

List of Conference Proceedings
The members of KGS participated and published at 

Fourteenth International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (Hamburg, 1997)

European Regional Geotechnical Conference (Amsterdam, 1999)

Eleventh Asian Regional Conference on SMGE (Seul, 1999)

The International Conference on Geotechnics Ground Control in Mining and Underground Construction (July, Australia, 1998)

Eleventh African Regional Conference on SM and FE (Cairo, 11-15 December, 1995)

The International Symposium on Slope Stability Engineering–IS-SHIKOKU-99 (Matsyama/Shikoku/Japan, 8-11 November, 1999)