Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering

Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering

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Moscow 109428

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President: Prof. Vyacheslav Ilyichev
Secretary: Dr Maksim Tupikov (



Since January 2001 Russia National Committee for SMFE has the new name : Russian Society for Soil Mechanics , Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering (RSSMGFE)

SMGFE was organized in 1957 attached to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and numbered 110 members. In 1957 it became the member of ISSMGE (ISSMFE).

The first President of RSSMGFE was Prof.Dr.Sc. N.A.Tsytovich , the prominent scientist in the field of soil mechanics and foundation engineering,corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.Prof.N.A.Tsytovich remained the President untill his death in 1984.
Since 1986 up to now Prof., Dr.Sc. V.A.Ilyichev is the President of RSSMGFE.
Prof.,Dr.Sc. M.V.Malyshev and Dr.Yu.G.Trofimenkov were the Vice-Presidents for the period 1960-1995.
Nowadays Prof.,Dr.Sc. S.B.Ukhov, Head of Civ.Eng.Dept. of the Moscow State Civ.Eng.University, is the Vice-President of RSSMGFE.
At present our society numbers more than 300 members.

List of ISSMGE (ISSMFE) Regional Conferences, organized in the former USSR.
ISSMGE (ISSMFE) entrusted Russian Society for SMGFE with the organization in the USSR ( Moscow ) of the VIII-th ICSMFE. This conference was successfully organized and conducted. 2355 specialists from 51 countries took part in it work, including 1877 foreign specialists. This conference was one of the most numerous. The Proceedings of VIII ICSMFE were published in Moscow. 

The VII-th Danube-European Conference on SMFE was organized and successfully conducted in Kishiniov ( Moldavian Republic of the USSR). The Proceedings (two volumes ) were published in Moscow

Two Technical Committees of ISSMGE (ISSMFE) were headed by Prof. P.A.Konovalov (USSR) - Technical Committee on Peat; and Prof.S.N.Klepikov (USSR)-Technical Committee of Allowable Deformations of Buildings and Damages. The result of the activity of these two committees was the Second Baltic International Conference (1988) in Tallinn (Estonian Republic of the USSR).The Proceedings were published in Moscow.

The Third Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference in Raubichi ( Belorussian Republic of the USSR). The organization and conduction of this conference were financed entirely by Russian Society for SMGFE. Two volumes of the Proceedings were also published in Moscow.

The ISSMGE(ISSMFE) Technical Committee "Arid Soils" was headed by Prof.V.P.Petrukhin (USSR). The result of this activity was the International Symposium on Engineering Characteristics of Arid Soils , organized in 1993 in City Univesity (London). The Proceedings were published in London.

The most prominent soviet (Russian) scientists and geotechnical specialists were the members of ISSMGE (ISSMFE).These scientists and specialists were known by their works and valuable contributions to science of soil mechanics and foundation engineering:
Prof., Dr.Sc. N. A. Tsytovich (1900-1984)-the first President of RSSMGFE, the prominent scientist in the field of frozen soil mechanics.

Prof., Dr.Sc. V. V. Sokolovsky (1912-1978) -the outstanding scientist in the field of theory of plasticity and statics of loose grounds, theory of casings.

Prof., Dr.Sc. N. N. Maslov (1898-1986)- theory of consolidation of clay soils, stability of slopes, theory of creep.

Prof., Dr.Sc. M. I. Gorbunov-Possadov (1908-1991) - plastic-elastic stability of bases.

Prof.Dr.Sc.V.A.Florin (1899-1960) - the founder of the Leningrad school of soil mechanics and foundation engineering.

Prof., Dr.Sc. D. D. Barkan (1904-1988)- soil dynamics, vibromethod.

Prof., Dr.Sc. M. N. Goldshtein (1910-1993)- theory of collapsible phenomena and rheology, stability of subgrade (roadbed).

Prof., S. S. Vyalov (1910-1998)- rheology of frozen soils.

Prof., Dr.Sc. V. A. Ilyichev, academician of the Russian Academy ofArchitecture and Building Sciences, President of Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering (RSSMGFE),Director of Research Institute of Bases and Undergrouns Structures, the prominent scientist and specialist in the field of soil dynamics, earthquake resistance and underground construction.

Dr. I. V.Kolybine