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Slovenian Geotechnical Society - SloGeD
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President: Mojca Ravnikar Turk,
Secretary: Suzana Svetličič,

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In October 1949 the Yugoslav Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering was founded. All six former Yugoslav republics were involved and Slovenia was among the most active from the very beginning (see the First phase of the Croatian report). The Yugoslav Society was the member of ISSMFE and Slovenia contributed the equal federal function until the dissolution of the former Federal Republic.

In 1985 a Geotechnical Section at the Slovenian Union of Civil Engineers and Technicians was established and there the initiative to create the Slovenian Geotechnical Society was given after the recognition of the independent Republic of Slovenia.

The Slovenian Geotechnical Society was founded on 10 July, 1992 in Ljubljana. Several eminent guests were present at the event: Vice President for Europe Prof. Dr. Smoltczyk, then Prof. Dr. Jamiolkowsky, Prof. Dr. Brandl, Mrs Maric as the President of Croatian Geotechnical Society and some representatives of the Slovenian government. At the ceremony Prof. Dr. Lujo Šuklje was nominated the first Honorary member of the Slovenian Geotechnical Society. The Society was promoted as a member of ISSMFE on 4 January, 1994 at the occasion of Council Meeting in New Delhi.

There were 80 members at the start and Prof. Dr. Ivan Sovinc was elected President and Mr Janko Logar Secretary. 31 members were registered at ISSMFE.

From October 1996 untill October 2000 Prof. Dr. Ludvik Trauner was President and Mr Zdenko Zoric Secretary. In 1997 there were 127 members of the National Society and all of them were included in the International Society.

In October 2000 Mrs Ana Gaberc was elected President and Dr. Janko Logar Secretary. At the beginning of 2001 there were 116 members of the National and the International Society.

There were four Regional Meetings and Conferences:
22 - 24 September, 1993 at Bled 
3 - 5 October, 1996 at Rogla 
2 - 3 December, 1999 at Portorož
12 October, 2000 in Ljubljana

The most outstanding personality was Prof. Dr. Lujo Šuklje, well known among the pioneers of soil mechanics, especially for his rheological contributions. He remains our great teacher and one of the founders of the Yougoslav Society for Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering. He passed away in June 1997.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Sovinc played a key role in creating the Slovenian Geotechnical Society and during his career he contributed largely to the progress of geotechnical engineering in Slovenia as well as in the former Yugoslavia. He died on 24 May of this year.

Among outstanding personalities we have to mention Prof. Dr. Silvan Vidmar, a distinguished educator and practiced engineer, and furthermore Mr. Franc Vidic who had led the Soil Mecahnics Department of Geological Institute in Ljubljana.

All the above mentioned national conferences issued proceedings, published by the Slovenian Geotechnical Society. Lectures, given by eminent professors from abroad, are written in English, while all other papers, written in Slovenian, have English summaries.