Geotechnical Business Directory

Geotechnical Business Directory

GeoWorld, the network for geotechnical engineers, in collaboration with the ISSMGE, has been publishining annualy a global Geotechnical Business Directory.  The directory was published with the support of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering for a fifth year in 2019 and is the most comprehensive business directory in the geotechnical engineering field! 

The directory is available in three formats as:

The 2019 directory includes 9000+ members, and 700+ geo-companies and geo-organizations from a total of 153 countries.

The online platform has unique search capabilities where visitors can filter all existing records by:

  • Type of account (individuals, companies and organizations)

  • Industry (applies for companies)

  • Expertise (applies for Individuals)

  • Location (country, city, etc.)

  • Any other Keyword

Preparations are already ongoing for the publication of the 2020 Business Directory that is expected to list 16000+ individuals and 700+ companies in the geo-profession registered on GeoWorld, and will be published in June 2020.

If you are not a member of GeoWorld, visit the website and join at no cost, so that you can be part of the 2020 Geotechnical Business Directory.