ISSMGE Interactive Technical Talks: A new educational initiative by the president of ISSMGE

President of ISSMGE Dr. Marc Ballouz has just launched a new educational initiative titled ISSMGE Interactive Technical Talks (IITT). It represents a series of technical talks to bring together geo professionals from around the world, young and renowned, from both the academia and the industry, to discuss a certain subject of geotechnical engineering.

The president of ISSMGE is the moderator and the main speaker would be a renowned geotechnical engineer, usually a leader from the corresponding ISSMGE Technical Committee.  Any young engineer could ask to be part of this series by emailing directly to the president ([email protected]) , mentioning his field of expertise , the corresponding TC number, and be ready to prepare 3 or 4 slides presenting his know how in the subject with the challenges that he is facing in his geographical are or environment.

Watch ISSMGE Interactive Technical Talks