ISSMGE Interactive Technical Talks: A new educational initiative by the president of ISSMGE

President of ISSMGE Dr. Marc Ballouz has just launched a new educational initiative titled ISSMGE Interactive Technical Talks (IITT). It represents a series of technical talks to bring together geo professionals from around the world, young and renowned, from both the academia and the industry, to discuss a certain subject of geotechnical engineering.

The president of ISSMGE is the moderator and the main speaker would be a renowned geotechnical engineer, usually a leader from the corresponding ISSMGE Technical Committee.  Any young engineer could ask to be part of this series by emailing directly to the president ([email protected]) , mentioning his field of expertise , the corresponding TC number, and be ready to prepare 3 or 4 slides presenting his know how in the subject with the challenges that he is facing in his geographical are or environment.

You can watch all ISSMGE Interactive Technical Talks at:

The 1st episode of this new initiative has just been launched and is supported by TC 221: Tailings and Mine Waste. Prof. Roberto Cudmani (Germany), Dr. Assile Diab (Canada) and Ms. Bridget Lokoe (Ghana) are discussing with Dr. Ballouz about tailings and materials and the challenges of dealing with such materials.