ISSMGE launches Conference Paper Review Platform to support open access

The International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) is pleased to announce the launch of its Conference Review Platform (CRP).  The ISSMGE Conference Review Platform is now part of ISSMGE’s cyber-infrastructure and aims to support the review of abstracts and papers for Conferences organized by ISSMGE Member Societies, Technical Committees and other groups affiliated with ISSMGE.

The CRP is an initiative of the Innovation and Development Committee (IDC) of the ISSMGE, and is part of a broader effort to support open access availability of the scientific papers published in these conferences. This CRP forms an integral part of the on-going development of the ISSMGE “virtual” university, which was initiated by the President at his inaugural address on 21st September 2017 in Seoul.  The platform has the capability to review abstracts and papers submitted by authors. Information on the functionality of the platform is provided here.  The platform is expected to facilitate the review process of conference papers, alleviate the administrative burden of organizing such conferences, reduce costs, and improve quality by promoting systematic review procedures of conference papers.

The platform can be used by conference organizers of the ICSMGE, ISSMGE sponsored events, ISSMGE regional conferences, or conferences organized or sponsored by Technical Committees. Member Societies can also directly request to use the platform. When the conditions above are not satisfied, or if other parties wish to use the platform, a special request should be directed to the President, Secretary General, or the Chair of the Innovation and Development Committee (IDC).

This platform is provided at no cost with the requirement that published papers will become available in open access through the ISSMGE Online Library, which is another integral part of the ISSMGE “virtual” university. The platform also ensures a seamless integration with the ISSMGE Online Library.

The output of the conference paper review system is the accepted papers (in pdf and word file) of the conference that can then be exported from the system and either be published by the organizer as a printed volume, and/or forwarded for inclusion as a database in the Open-Access Online Library of ISSMGE. IDC is also exploring the possibility of ISSMGE supporting publication of proceedings (at some cost) as well as indexing of conference proceedings in indexes such as Scopus.

The platform, which is available  here,  is already used by the 6th International Site Characterization conference, and can support the review of papers for multiple conferences at the same time.

ISSMGE is very excited to make this cyber-infrastructure available to the geo-community. We hope it will further support unrestricted access to scientific material at a global scale.  If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact ISSMGE.

On behalf of the ISSMGE,


Dimitrios Zekkos

Chair of ISSMGE Innovation and Development Committee

Charles W.W. Ng

President of the ISSMGE