ISSMGE News & Information Circular - March 2017




ISSMGE News & Information Circular

March 2017

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  1. Message from the President (27th February 2017)

ISSMGE Global Survey on State of the Art (SoA) and State of Practice (SoP)

In a message to all members of ISSMGE, Professor Roger Frank, President of ISSMGE, has announced the launch of the ISSMGE Global Survey on the State of the Art and the State of Practice in Geotechnical Engineering.  The survey is to be launched on the 10th March, and is accessible from  The survey will run until the 30th of April 2017.

The survey has been devised to help identify important areas of development in bridging the gap between SoA and SoP, as well as to recognise the achievements of Geotechnics as a profession. For the findings to be significant, Professor Frank strongly urges all ISSMGE members to participate in the survey.  Professor Frank’s full message is available from the ISSMGE website

  1. Elections for the President 2017-2021

Member Societies were sent emails on the 27th September with details on the nomination process for candidates in the upcoming elections for the next President and Regional Vice-presidents (Africa, Asia, Europe, South America) for the next Board (term  Sept 2017 – Sept 2021).  Nominations for President are requested by the 10th April 2017.  Please contact the Secretariat if you would like the email to be resent.

  1. XIX ICSMGE – Seoul, Korea- Registration now open

  1. ISSMGE Foundation

The next deadline for receipt of applications for awards from the ISSMGE Foundation is the 1st May 2017.  Applicants seeking funding to attend either the International Conference or the Young Geotechnical Engineer’s event in Seoul should ensure that their applications are submitted before this deadline. Click here for further information on the ISSMGE Foundation.

  1. ISSMGE Webinars




Serge Leroueil (Canada)

Tue 11th April 2017

12:00 noon GMT

(followed by the 48-hour Q&A Session)

Compressibility and consolidation of clays: from lab to field conditions

Robert Koerner (USA)

Tues 13th June 2017

12 P.M. GMT (noon)

(followed by the 48-hour Q&A Session)

Geosynthetic Reinforced MSE Walls: Overview, Failures and Items for Improvement

Click here for a full list of previously recorded ISSMGE webinars.
  1. Technical Committee Database on Website

Member society officers are reminded that the TC database is now online ( and is the definitive source of TC information (Terms of Reference, & Membership lists).  All Member Societies were invited to nominate a representative who would be entrusted with entering the details of their member society’s nominees on the database. If your society does not have such a representative, please contact the Secretariat (

The following are new technical committees established since 2013

TC308 – Energy Geotechnics

TC217 – Land Reclamation

TC218 – Reinforced Fill Structures

  1. ISSMGE Bulletins

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Volume 11, Issue 1

February 2017


  1. Conferences

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The following are events that have been added/upated since the previous Circular:

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