ISSMGE Releases its new Conference and Publication Manual including its Open Access Policy

The International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) is pleased to publish and distribute online its Conference and Publication Manual entitled:

Conferences, Symposia and Workshops endorsed by the ISSMGE Including Publication and Open Access Policy.”

The manual can be found in this address:

This manual consolidates ISSMGE guidelines on the conferences, symposia and workshops that are endorsed by ISSMGE with recent initiatives of ISSMGE on unrestricted data dissemination with a focus on publications.

Among the important aspects of this document is the commitment of ISSMGE on open access for all publications under its auspices. ISSMGE recognizes the need to satisfy different and sometimes competing interests between the publisher, the author and the profession-at-large, as well as the need for a sustainable mechanism for publication of high quality scientific material. At the same time, ISSMGE recognizes that the availability of high quality scientific and technical publications is of paramount importance for the advancement of the geotechnical engineering profession. Readers should have access to the widest possible range of content that is openly shared to enable the most effective research, education, and practice of geotechnical engineering and associated fields.

To this end, ISSMGE makes an institutional commitment to the availability of high quality scientific and technical material to the Profession through its own resources and outreach channels, including the ISSMGE website and its databases. Already many publications have become available through the ISSMGE website and more are expected to become available in the near future.

ISSMGE invites its Member Societies, Technical Committees, Publishers and other parties to support this policy that should have a significant positive footprint on geotechnical practice, research and education at a global scale.

On behalf of the ISSMGE,

Roger Frank, President

Dimitrios Zekkos, Chair of Innovation and Development Committee

18th May 2017