Minutes from TC218 Committee Mtg Held on September 2, 2019 at ECSMGE 2019

17th ECSMGE Minutes of Post-Discussion Meeting for TC218

Date of Meeting Monday September 2nd 2019

Discussion Session 16:10 – 18:00

Post-Discussion Meeting 18:00 –18:30 Venue

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre
Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


1. Opening of the Meeting

2. Attendees- 27 ECSMGE Conference registrant attended to the post-discussion meeting. Not all the participants were TC218 Members. Some attendees requested to be part of our Technical Committee as Corresponding Members.

3. Review of Voting Membership and On-Line Corresponding Membership and Future Meetings
John Sankey introduced TC218 background and activities at the beginning of the Discussion Session. Currently, 68 members have enrolled but only 42 are listed on the website. Added membership names are still progressing. 5 participants to the Discussion Session on “Reinforced Fill Structures” requested to be added to the membership list as Corresponding Members. Attached is the updated list of Voting and Corresponding Members of TC218. Please inform Giulia Lugli ([email protected]) by email if you notice any mistake on the attached list.

In preparation for the next TC218 Committee Official Meeting (to be defined), the Committee Board Members will continue to organize videoconference calls will start at 12-week intervals for attendance by Committee Members and Corresponding Members.  Mode of communication to be announced. Conference calls will be held rotating the time zones (Europe, USA, Asia). Next videoconference call will be on October 17th, 2019 – 10 AM ET (UTC-4) capturing mainly North/South America and Europe.

4. Subcommittee Reports
The Team Leaders of Groups1, 2 and 3 did not attend to the meeting. However, they sent an update via email to the Committee Board Members few days before the TC218 session to illustrate the Subcommittees status and share any existing documents.

Robert Lozano reported on Group 1 (“Terminology”). They are working on a list of almost 600 terms and they have included definitions from the same sources, adding definitions from ISO 10318-1 as well. The list requires some adjustment and some terms do not have any definition included yet.
Giulia Lugli presented Group 2 (“Codes Interpretation”) updates. Pietro Rimoldi (subcommittee leader) had updated the excel spreadsheet based upon the voting members recommendation. The new document will be sent to the voting members for a final review, if needed, and vote. Once this process will finish, the Group 2 report will be published online on the TC218 website.
Patricia Guerra reported on Group 3 (“Good Construction Practice”). A table was prepared by the Subcommittee volunteers to be filled up with relevant codes, references, advisory and comments/best practice. They were expecting to receive the subcommittee members inputs by mid-September and hopefully complete the document by mid-October. They are still looking for volunteers to help on this task. Anyone interested in participating can email Giulia (email above).
The TC218 Committee Board Members remembered to the audience that other subjects of interest could be selected for starting a new Subcommittee Group. Any suggestion for TC218 Members is welcome and can be discussed during next videoconference call.

5. E-Exchange on Service Limits States and International Journal of GeoEngineering Case Studies
The E-meeting started on Monday 8 July 2019 and ended on Sunday 21 July 2019. The initial 1week deadline was extended to allow more attendees to participate. The 2-weeks deadline has been appreciated by the E-Exchange participants and will be kept as a standard for the next sessions. The E-meeting Coordinator was Pietro Rimoldi and the topic under discussion: “Serviceability Limit States Analyses of Reinforced Soil Walls (aka MSE walls)”. 20 Experts from 5 Continents participated to the E-meeting. The summary of the discussion will be uploaded to the TC218 website.
The Committee Board is looking for a new coordinator to select a topic and start the discussion at his earliest convenience.
Ivan Puig Damians has been selected as reviewer for the International Journal of GeoEngineering Case Studies. He has not received further news yet.

6. Board Transition
The Committee Board Members will need to start working on a transition plan and would appreciate volunteers and more involvement from the TC218 members on going forward with the upcoming Technical Committee agenda. Members interested in actively participating to the Board activities are welcome to email Giulia.

7. Closure of the Meeting