New review and posting system for ISSMGE conferences

Dear colleagues of the TC212,


It is already November. I had a time to look back 2018 and thought about the goals and resolutions I made in the beginning of the year. I hope our TC members have achieved their goals and resolutions. And if not, there is still two more month left, and make it worth it.

This notice is on behalf of the suggestion to establish an online paper review system for conferences organized under the auspices of ISSMGE. The review system will be established to review the submitted papers prior to the conference, and print and post accepted papers as a special volume and online. Although the review through the suggested system is not mendatory, the members of the TC are advised to use the review system for future ISSMGE events in order to accomplish a safer and more accessible review and reading system for the members of the ISSMGE members.

Opinion from the TC members are always welcome, and it will certainly make an improvement on such matters. We await many valuable opinions and suggestion from our fellow member.


Thank you.


Vice-Chair of TC212,

Sangseom Jeong.